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Best Bitcoin Documentary: Here's What to Watch!

Best Bitcoin Documentary: Here's What to Watch!

    As crypto becomes more and more popular, there are more people  who are interested in learning more about Bitcoin.

    Rather than sort through dozens of Reddit threads and other sources of information, a Bitcoin documentary is an easy way to learn a lot about cryptocurrencies in just an hour or two.

    In this article we’ll cover the best Bitcoin documentary on services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube so that no matter which services you have access to, you’ll still have something to watch!

    Best Bitcoin Documentary Netflix

    Banking on Bitcoin is one of the more popular Bitcoin documentaries and it’s available on Netflix. The documentary covers topics like the origin of Bitcoin, the fundamentals of how Bitcoin works and what Bitcoin’s potential is as a new form of digital currency.

    Many influential Bitcoin contributors make an appearance in the documentary, including the Winklevoss twins, Erik Voorhees, and Gavin Andresen.

    If you’re only going to watch one Bitcoin documentary, then Banking on Bitcoin is a great choice. The film is very good at taking complex topics and breaking them down so that anyone can understand them.  

    Best Bitcoin Documentary YouTube

    Bitcoin documentaries on YouTube are great because you don’t need to be subscribed to a streaming service to watch them.

    In terms of availability, Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble is one of the best free Bitcoin documentaries on YouTube. Even though the documentary is only about 35 minutes long, it covers quite a few topics.

    Most importantly, Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble dispels a lot of false beliefs about Bitcoin, like the idea that Bitcoin is just a pyramid scheme or that Bitcoin is no different than the Dutch tulip mania that took place in the 1600s.

    In addition to addressing the attacks made by critics of Bitcoin, the documentary covers the cryptocurrency landscape more broadly, including how cryptocurrency can help to transmit money across borders and solve other inefficiencies in the traditional financial system.

    For something a bit shorter, the Exodus YouTube channel hosts a Brief History of BTC.

    Best Bitcoin Documentary 2020

    Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are constantly changing so some of the information from documentaries made in earlier years will inevitably be outdated.

    The most recent Bitcoin documentary to be released is called Cryptopia and it was created by the same producers of the Bitcoin documentary Bitcoin: the End of Money as We Know ItBitcoin: the End of Money as we Know it.

    Cryptopia explains how Bitcoin and other decentralized blockchain technologies can improve the world we live in, especially for those without access to a good banking system. In addition to Bitcoin, the film also covers DeFi (decentralized finance) as well as the possibilities that are enabled by Web 3.0.

    Featured in the film are Bitcoin and cryptocurrency notables such as Roger Ver, the leader of the Bitcoin Cash project, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, and Andreas Antonopoulos, the widely respected Bitcoin advocate.

    You can watch Cryptopia directly on the film’s website for a price of about $5.00. As would be expected, it’s possible to pay in BTC, BCH or ETH ::cool::.

    Bitcoin Documentary Amazon Prime

    Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution is one of the best Bitcoin documentaries to watch for free on Amazon Prime.

    The film deals primarily with how Bitcoin can benefit the African continent. In particular…

    • African currencies have a history of instability, the most famous example being the $100 trillion dollar bill of Zimbabwe. Bitcoin is hard money with a fixed supply that cannot be inflated at will by a central bank.
    • Moving money across borders in Africa can be difficult. Bitcoin is digital and easy to move all over the world, let alone across Africa.
    • People living in Africa are frequently underbanked, with little access to financial services. Downloading a Bitcoin wallet is easy and free.

    The documentary itself has been well received and since it’s short enough to watch on a lunch break, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    Best Bitcoin Documentary Reddit

    Reddit can be a great source of information on all things cryptocurrency related. Although we’ve already mentioned many of the documentaries in the Reddit threads below, there are also a couple of interesting movies we didn’t have time to bring up in this article:

    Best Bitcoin Documentaries

    4 Amazing Bitcoin Documentaries You Absolutely Need to Watch

    What are some good bitcoin/crypto documentaries to show a friend?

    The Exodus public Slack channel is another place to discuss cryptocurrencies. If you’d like a recommendation for the best Bitcoin documentary to watch, the Slack channel is a great place to ask for advice!

    Best Cryptocurrency Documentary

    There’s more to crypto than just Bitcoin and if you’re interested in other blockchain projects, you might want to check out the documentary Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain.

    Trust machine focuses on the evolution of blockchain technology, why decentralization is important, and how blockchain projects can help to reduce inequality and provide inclusive financial services to everyone in the world.

    While some critics have argued that Trust Machine makes contradictory claims (e.g. blockchain is private but anyone can view a Bitcoin transaction?), the film does a good job overall of providing a comprehensive overview of blockchain technology.

    Best Place to Store Your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

    Mt. Gox is one of the topics mentioned in Banking on Bitcoin and it refers to Mt. Gox, the dominant Bitcoin exchange of its day, getting hacked for nearly $500 million in BTC (that figure is much higher now, since Bitcoin’s price has increased in the years after the hack). It was a hack so large that many users feared it could be the end of Bitcoin.

    The moral of the story? Don’t keep your Bitcoin on a centralized exchange, where you have to trust someone else to safeguard your Bitcoin.

    If you want your Bitcoin to be safe you should store it somewhere secure like the Exodus BTC wallet. Exodus is non-custodial wallet.  As long as you keep your secret recovery phrase secure, nobody can ever take your coins.

    The Exodus Bitcoin Wallet for desktop. Download here‌‌

    Store your Bitcoin safely and then watch the best Bitcoin documentary! 🍿 😎

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    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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