The story behind our visual update

Evolving the

In 2019, Exodus expanded your blockchain experience past the desktop…

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Although our brand is evolving,
our values remain. Exodus gives everyone power to control their future wealth.

JP RichardsonJP RichardsonCo-Founder and CEO
Daniel CastagnoliDaniel CastagnoliCo-Founder and President
Exodus Logomark

Passionate Details

Exodus is relentlessly focused on design, obsessing over every detail, to give customers a personal, emotional experience to secure, manage and exchange digital assets.

The evolved Exodus logomark comprises four arrows - Send, Receive and Exchange. The updated brand is a subtle nod to the original, core product where it all began in 2015. The X, resulting from these core components, marks the convergence where the user takes center stage.

The Exodus logo shape, gradient and angles are designed to feel confident and bold while inspiring futuristic movement.

Exodus logo construction

Exodus Logo Construction

Exodus logo gradient

Sky Blue

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The power of Exodus in the palm of your hand. Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets from anywhere.

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