5 Web3 apps that pay you crypto

5 Web3 apps that pay you crypto

5 Web3 apps that pay you crypto

There’s a buzz in the air. Crypto projects are talking about what Web3 is and how they want to be part of the decentralized internet revolution. But let’s forget all the futurist talk for a minute and ask, how can we use these apps to earn rewards today?

Here, we’ll look at five Web3 projects that fill real-world needs and will pay you to participate and make them successful.


    The Brave Web3 browser, available for all desktop and mobile platforms, filters out those pesky pop-up ads, cookies, trackers and malware that spy on your browsing habits and slow everything down.

    With Brave, you can either go completely ad-free, or get paid Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to view discreet text ads that occasionally appear in the corner of the screen. Your personal data and browsing history are never shared.

    You can use the BAT you earn to tip websites you want to support, or link to an exchange like Gemini to sell or trade them. In a future Brave release, BAT can also be used to buy NFTs on Magic Eden.

    And while you’re deciding what to do with your coins, the safest place to keep them is with Exodus.


    Nodle, which won a Polkadot parachain slot this year, is a worldwide network of over 250,000 Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones that are paid to gather and reroute data.

    Evolving from an experiment at Burning Man in 2014 to communicate without cell phone service, the company originally focused on the Internet of Things but is now moving into new areas, like Proof of Location, Proof of Participation and other “connect-to-earn” applications.

    The Nodle Cash app runs in the background on your Android or IoS phone, paying you NODL, the network’s utility and governance token. NODL isn’t yet publicly traded, but that’s expected in the next few months.

    Theta TV

    Theta TV is a decentralized streaming platform that aims to deliver high quality video at low cost. More than 123,000 viewers currently earn rewards by turning their Macintosh, Windows or Linux computers into edge nodes, providing excess network bandwidth and computing resources.

    In return for relaying video streams over the network, you’ll earn Theta Fuel (TFUEL), one of over 200 digital assets that Exodus supports.

    And with the latest software update, you can also broadcast your own video streams, entirely peer-to-peer without any centralized servers.


    You probably know about STEPN. Now try Sweatcoin! This popular Web3 app for Android/IoS counts your steps and awards sweatcoins. There’s an option to double the reward for 20 minutes a day, encouraging you to go for daily walks or runs.

    From time to time, you’ll see ads, which is how the network is supported.

    Sweatcoins are currently private tokens that you can redeem for thousands of products and services. In Q3 2022, a Token Generation Event will let sweatcoin holders begin claiming publicly-traded SWEAT tokens for each sweatcoin held.

    The Coin app

    With the Coin app installed on your smartphone, you travel around in the physical world and collect COIN tokens, which can be redeemed for merchandise or XYO cryptocurrency.

    At the same time, you’re providing geolocation data to the XY Oracle network, a trustless, decentralized geolocation network that partners with COIN. You can boost your rewards with add-on Bluetooth products like the Sentinel NFC.

    These apps represent just a sample of new Web3 applications coming online all the time. The future is clear: Internet users are taking control of their privacy and data, choosing where and when to sell their time and information, while supporting decentralized services that work for the benefit of everyone.

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