Addictive racing! Exodus interviews Alpha League @Solana Hacker House

Addictive racing! Exodus interviews Alpha League @Solana Hacker House

Addictive racing! Exodus interviews Alpha League @Solana Hacker House

Exodus attended a Solana Hacker House recently in Stockholm, and interviewed Manu, the co-founder of Alpha League Racing, one of the projects in attendance. They’re experimenting with new ways of using NFTs in crypto games and through a focus on fun gameplay, they’re hoping to onboard casual gamers.

Read on to learn more about the Alpha League Racing project, their thoughts on developing on Solana, and how you can earn by playing their game.

Interview with Alpha League Racing

Manu: Hey, my name is Emmanuel Bernard, I’m from Switzerland, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Alpha League Racing (ALR).

Ash: Perfect, tell us a little about your project.

Manu: So ALR is a retrofuture, competitive, addictive, arcade racing game. We’ve been building on Solana for one year.

We’ve been organizing a lot of tournaments with different partners and Solana communities while building dedicated tracks and cars for them.

Ash: And why did you choose to build on Solana?

Manu: There are a lot of obvious advantages to building on Solana. Of course, the gas fees. When you’re building a game, you need very low gas fees because you want to do a lot of transactions. So they have to be cheap and they have to be fast.

Also, Solana is one of the greenest blockchains in the space. One SOL transaction is equivalent to three Google searches. So it's nothing when you compare it to Bitcoin. For us, it's very important to build something that's sustainable and respectful of the earth. We think it's the only way blockchains should be built.

Ash: Why did you choose to attend the Hacker House?

Manu: We met with the Hacker house crew in Paris back in July. We showed them our game, our concept, and the possibility to organize tournaments with partners and communities. They asked us if we could arrange something in Stockholm together.

So we pitched to Ellie, the head of this event, and after fine-tuning the details, our tournament is up and running here at this Hacker House!

It's really the first time worldwide we are doing something so big, so it’s kind of an experiment for us. We plan to organize more tournaments like this in other Hacker Houses, maybe even at Breakpoint in Lisbon.

Ash: How do people earn money by playing ALR?

Manu: For the moment, we’ve focused everything on the gameplay. We think when you’re building a game, you should put the gameplay first, even if you’re building a Web3 game. And we think that a lot of crypto games are failing because they are not fun.

So we wanted to be sure that what we’re building is fun first. But we also wanted to reward. We wanted the earning aspect to be implemented from the very first version of Alpha League Racing.

What we are doing is organizing a lot of tournaments, like the one here, and offering rewards to participants. Some tournaments reward top racers more and some reward all participants.

We’re offering SOL, NFTs, and cars, and we’re teaming up with a lot of communities and partners who contribute to the prize pool. We’ve hosted tournaments with Marinade Finance, Desolates, and other projects.

Ash: And one of the tournaments you have on is the one right now, happening at this Hacker House. How’s that going?

Manu: That's going crazy.

So far we have more than 150 participants in less than 24 hours. They have raced more than 100 hours together, so it’s cool. The scores are really crazy. The leaderboard is like… It’s unbelievable how good the racers are.

It's so exciting for us to see the racers on Discord fighting and trying to improve every line, every curve, to improve their score. So it's going very well!

Ash: Awesome, I might take a few tries myself cause I’ve played a lot of Trackmania, so I’m used to improving lines.

Manny: Oh cool! We’re here to gather people’s feedback since we’re still under development, so feel free to reach out.

Ash: Sounds good! So what does the future look like for ALR?

Manu: What we’re building now, which we hope is a game changer, is a mobile competitive racing game, and our target is normies, or casual gamers.

We want them to play because the game is fun, and we won't advertise the game as a blockchain or NFT game. We won't hide it, it's not like a secret. But it's a piece of tech.

We are using NFTs as a piece of tech and not as a selling point. People will play the game. They will race. They will earn loot boxes and in these loot boxes, they will earn pieces of tracks, cars, skins, and so on, and they will be NFTs.

Ash: I completely agree with that philosophy, crypto games should focus on the fun, and the blockchain aspects should not be in your face.

Manu: Exactly, it’s just a piece of tech. Blockchain is an amazing piece of tech, not a selling point.

We are working on a track builder, and this part is so cool. The pieces of tracks are NFTs and you can mint the track as a new NFT when you’re finished building it.

When people are racing on your track, you will earn tokens! So we really want to onboard casual gamers to blockchain gaming through a mobile casual fun racing game, make them earn NFTs, and make them understand the benefits of NFTs, decentralization, and asset ownership.

Also, we have by design in the app, renting. Casual racers are renting and playing with the cars of our holders.

Ash: Alright, thank you! It’s been great to talk to you and learn more about ALR!

Manu: Yeah, great pleasure for me too.

How to play Alpha League Racing

If the Formula driver in you has awakened, you can race and participate in tournaments on the ALR website if you own one of their NFT cars.

Otherwise, head to Magic Eden to pick one up. You can connect easily with the Exodus Web3 Wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’ and choosing the Exodus option.

ALR does offer a demo track that can be played without holding a car, which you can find on their website.

The Exodus Web3 wallet enables you to connect to applications on multiple chains - Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, with more to be added soon - from the safety of your Exodus non-custodial wallet.

This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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