Best Cryptocurrency Apps in 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Apps in 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Apps in 2021

Crypto is going mainstream (even according to Soros Fund Management) and soon it will be hard to imagine anyone without at least one cryptocurrency app or wallet on their mobile phone or desktop.

From trading cryptocurrencies and the rarest NFTs to earning interest or just checking out your portfolio across multi-chains -- here’s our take on the best cryptocurrency apps in 2021 to help you get the most out of what the crypto world has to offer.

    What to consider in a cryptocurrency app

    When it comes to the best cryptocurrency apps (commonly called dApps if they are built on top of a decentralized blockchain) what is paramount is: security, security, security.

    Check for two-factor authentication and anti-phishing systems to ensure that your crypto assets are as safe as they can be. If you have to go through Know-Your-Customer or KYC verification, take note of how your data will be used. Other factors to consider include:

    • Regulation: Is this app allowed to operate in your country?

    While crypto is still a largely unregulated space, some apps have not obtained the licenses to operate in certain jurisdictions.

    • Team: Is there a good team backing this cryptocurrency app?

    Apps come and go, and only a handful stand the test of time. Take note of the company and team behind the app and whether they have the legs to commit to frequent updates and go the distance in the fast-paced world of crypto.


    While there are a plethora of crypto trading apps out in the market today, there is only one that has been publicly listed and that is Coinbase. Coinbase is known for its regulatory compliance and coupled with low fees, its own stablecoin USDC as well as wide availability and support across different jurisdictions, Coinbase takes the cake for the best crypto trading app in 2021. Other close contenders are: FTX (which has also been integrated into the Exodus wallet) Kraken, Binance and


    Going beyond buying and trading crypto is the ability to earn interest from your crypto. BlockFi is one of the largest and more reputable companies that offer a crypto interest account on popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC of up to 8.25%*. BlockFi is backed by Gemini and Coinbase, and is also one of the short list of companies that investment strategy analyst Lyn Alden has partnered with.

    Read her BlockFi Review and Risk Analysis.

    *As of 18 Oct 2021.


    For the multi-coin asset investor, one essential app to have is undoubtedly CoinGecko, a consistently reliable cryptocurrency price tracker and portfolio manager that helps you track the crypto assets you own and their value over time. View charts, create lists or different portfolios and get an overview of market trends. Another good choice as a portfolio tracker is CoinMarketCap.


    It wouldn’t be a best-of list without including Exodus. But don't just take our word for it. Investopedia recently named Exodus the best cryptocurrency app for beginners. 99bitcoins also gave Exodus high praise as one of the best-designed Bitcoin wallets out there. And Exodus has even added FTX exchange capability within the wallet, at market rates!

    From meticulously crafted UI and extensive support for over 145+ of your favourite crypto coins to responsive and friendly customer service. You don’t have to look further for a non-custodial, secure and seriously stylish cryptocurrency wallet that checks all the right boxes.


    The Brave browser is quickly becoming the crypto native’s web browser of choice, because users are rewarded in crypto BAT tokens just by viewing ads on the browser.

    The browser comes with its own Brave crypto wallet that lets you store and send the BAT tokens that you earn. You can also tip BAT tokens to verified creators on the web and download torrent files, all within the browser. Plus, Brave is more private and faster than the average browser, and well worth a try.


    Metamask is one of the pioneering cryptocurrency wallets for Ethereum users to interact with DApps such as Uniswap or NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Available as a mobile app and a browser extension, one of the plus points about Metamask is that you can also configure it to use with other chains such as Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. The downside is that Metamask has not changed its UI for a while. Still, an essential in our book and one of the best cryptocurrency apps around.


    Status is another Ethereum wallet but with added functionalities including a secure and private messaging service and web 3.0 browser. The goal of Status is to be an all-in-one crypto app where users can interact with DApps, chat to friends and send ERC-20 tokens without ever leaving the app. It even has its own SNT token. While still lacking in adoption, Status might have what it takes to be a crypto-powered version of chat platforms like Signal, Weibo or WeChat. You might even spot Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in the chatrooms:

    Most crypto users are no longer simply siloed within just one blockchain but across multiple chains. However, moving around chains can get confusing and you might lose track of what you have over time. This is where comes in, which is not really an app but a neat dashboard which you can connect a wallet such as Metamask to.

    All you have to do is allow permission for to connect to your wallet, and soon you’ll have a great overview of your portfolio and be able to exchange tokens, join pools, take out loans and more across multiple chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom and Polygon. No doubt this makes one of the most useful if not best crypto apps around in 2021.

    So there you have it. The best cryptocurrency apps in 2021 for you to start playing around with and explore the vast potential that crypto has to offer.

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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