Top 5 things to look forward to in the future of Bitcoin

Top 5 things to look forward to in the future of Bitcoin

Top 5 things to look forward to in the future of Bitcoin

What is in store for us in terms of the future of Bitcoin?

While it’s impossible for anyone to make foolproof bitcoin future predictions, we’ve racked our brains to figure out what the top five things are to look forward to for the no.1 cryptocurrency.

1. Bitcoin future price appreciation

Let's be brutally honest. Many of us came for ‘number go up’. And it’s probably going to be good news! If we’ve correctly understood that Bitcoin is one of the scarcest currencies in the world, then so long as adoption continues, it stands to reason that the Bitcoin future price will appreciate.

You don’t need to take our word on that. Satoshi Nakamoto had figured this out from the get-go, stating: “As the number of users grows, the value per coin goes up”.

Of course, the ongoing and ultimate outcome remains speculative. The future value of Bitcoin is still going to be influenced by macroeconomic conditions, the regulatory landscape and the ability of Bitcoin’s proponents to educate and innovate in order to effect mass adoption.

It’s wise to keep this in mind when it comes to future price expectations, particularly over the short to medium term.

2. Reduced volatility

One of the first criticisms you’ll have heard detractors trot out is the idea that any notion of Bitcoin becoming a store of value or a practical day to day currency is out of the question based on the price volatility of the digital asset. However, that volatility has already decreased based on previous years.

As it goes through the phases of adoption, and with that, it experiences the highs and lows of a series of speculative hype cycles, it’s totally understandable why a fixed supply digital asset like Bitcoin would experience volatility. However, it’s also logical to expect a Bitcoin future where the asset gains adoption, greater market capitalization and with that, price volatility that has reduced much further still.

That has got to be something we can all look forward to as it will enhance the ability of the asset to function in the use cases we’ve all had in mind for it.

3. Bitcoin finally breaks its correlation with traditional markets

The fundamentals of the leading digital asset have always pointed towards it being a risk-off asset. For that reason, it has been considered by many to be something akin to ‘digital gold’. However, its recent history has shown that a lot of the time, it shares a correlation with the Nasdaq.

Bitcoin future price prediction
Will a Bitcoin future continue to align with the Nasdaq?

If Bitcoin is to become the risk-off asset that we all believe it to be, then it will have to break this correlation.

A report by Morgan Stanley earlier this year linked Bitcoin’s correlation with tech stocks to the increasing influence of Wall Street traders. TradFi is treating Bitcoin as a risk asset. The financial services multinational concluded that the correlation with equity indices will continue to remain high unless Bitcoin becomes more widely used as a means of payment.

It could also be a case of the asset needing to be better understood.

Everything about the fundamentals of Bitcoin screams risk-off asset. On that basis, and in tandem with greater adoption and use, we can look forward to a Bitcoin future where the digital asset has decoupled entirely from its correlation with tech stocks.

Then, the principles and virtues of Bitcoin will ultimately express themselves, allowing it to fulfill the use cases we’ve long thought it capable of.

4. Bitcoin micropayments & decentralized app future

As a project, Bitcoin moves slowly in terms of development.

When it comes to building out applications, the Bitcoin codebase is much more limited by comparison with other projects. Meanwhile, there has been a proliferation of crypto app development on Ethereum and other blockchains.

Despite that, there’s every likelihood that we will see many more micro-payments apps that are related to Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s last major upgrade - Taproot - provides developers with a greater ability to build on top of the leading digital currency.

We’ve seen Microsoft build out a digital identity network on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Lightning Network is building up some momentum as far as micro-payments are concerned, and is also playing a part in distributed applications like video-calling app, Keet. Also, the Stacks blockchain (which finalizes its transactions on Bitcoin) is creating a rich infrastructure of Bitcoin NFTs.

Ethereum may power on and cover most of the ground where smart contracts are concerned, but we should still expect more crypto app development related to Bitcoin in the future.

5. Bitcoin making a difference

As mentioned earlier, we all came for ‘number go up’. But that’s not entirely true.

Many were attracted to Bitcoin by the good that they foresee it doing in the world. Others may have come to make a quick buck only to later gain a better understanding of the digital asset and how it can be a force for good.

Our current monetary system may have been a largely positive development in the evolution of our modern economy. However, it’s a broken system that fails millions of people around the world every day, through hyper-inflation, investing in corrupt practices, or bank failures.

So long as focus is placed on education and user experience when it comes to Bitcoin-related applications, there’s every reason to believe that Bitcoin in the future will have a positive impact on people globally who’ve struggled with the inadequacies of the conventional monetary and financial system. That’s really the future that most of us are here for.

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