Miami 2022: BTC mining to save the world?

Miami 2022: BTC mining to save the world?

Miami 2022: BTC mining to save the world?

The Bitcoin conference is happening in Miami and it’s being billed as the largest Bitcoin event in history. Exodus is here, alongside another one hundred companies that have come to show off their products and announce what they’re bringing to market this year. Dozens of speakers are also making presentations on a wide range of Bitcoin-related topics.  

Kevin O’Leary for example has claimed that, “Bitcoin mining is going to save the world.” Kevin believes that Bitcoin mining can fill a much-needed role in developing renewable energies.

One of the problems with energy producers like wind and nuclear is that power generation can exceed demand. When there is more electricity than demand for it, the energy may be wasted. With Bitcoin though, the power utilities can use the excess energy to mine BTC and improve their profitability. This could be one of the most exciting use cases for Bitcoin that few people have caught onto yet.

Speaking of mining, Jordan Chenn, the chief operating officer of MicroBT, used the Miami Conference to announce a new line of Whatsminer ASICs. The top-of-the-line Bitcoin mining hardware will use hydro cooling to achieve all-time-high performance without using any more electricity. According to Chenn, MicroBT should be able to produce and sell 30,000 units a month by the fall.  

Immersion Bitcoin mining uses liquid to keep the ASICs cool - IMG Source

Switching over to the lightning network, Graham Krizek, the CEO of Voltage, revealed two new products that are coming out this year. Surge will give users a specialized set of tools to monitor a Bitcoin lightning node, while Flow is a service that will provide people with a chance to purchase BTC directly from a lightning node.

Last but not least in our product review, Chase Perkins, the CEO of Impervious AI, came to the stage with a bold message about online privacy in the twenty-first century. Here’s Chase in his own words, “We have become, not even in essence, but quite literally, subjects of digital tyranny.”

Impervious has many possible uses, with perhaps the most promising application being a new web browser that runs on the lightning network. If the Impervious product catches on it could disrupt the privacy-invading web browsers that so many people use today.
The Bitcoin conference has been a huge success so far, and it’s going to keep running through the weekend. As more information comes out and the product releases continue, we’re looking forward to sharing all the latest developments with you in the days and weeks to come. To learn more, the best resource is Bitcoin magazine’s ongoing coverage of the event.

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