Exodus launches Browser Extension Web3 wallet

Exodus launches Browser Extension Web3 wallet

Exodus launches Browser Extension Web3 wallet

The simple Exodus experience you love is now in your web browser. Exodus has released what will soon be a multi-chain crypto browser extension so everyone can easily explore and navigate the world of DeFi directly from Chrome and Brave web browsers.

Exodus’ foray into Web3 begins with unlimited access to the Solana network’s world of DeFi and Web3 applications, but will soon be followed by support for the Ethereum network and other popular smart contract blockchains.

Everyone can install the Exodus Browser Extension Beta to mint, collect, and view NFTs in apps like Magic Eden, to margin trade and stake through DeFi protocols like Mercurial Finance, and to swap, trade, and borrow instantly with Mango Markets.

The extension can be installed now for Chrome and Brave browsers at exodus.com/browser-extension.

    Why Solana?

    Ethereum is currently the de facto home to the most popular DeFi and Web3 apps. So why did Exodus decide to launch with Solana? Why not Ethereum?

    Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem presents a difficult barrier for entry for newcomers because of its high cost of entry. Navigating its unpredictable and expensive gas fees can be prohibitive for the average person looking to experiment with smaller sums of money. While Exodus plans to add Ethereum as the next supported blockchain, launching with Solana made the most sense.

    Like Ethereum, Solana is a smart contract platform that hosts a world of Web3 applications like decentralized exchanges and lending platforms. Unlike Ethereum, Solana can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second at a cost so small that you would have to send thousands of transactions to even spend $1 in fees.

    The Exodus Browser Extension Beta allows everyone to experiment with Web3 and DeFi at a low cost, and with the level of security and trust they expect from Exodus.

    Browser Extension Features

    Are you ready to tap into the unlimited potential of Web3 and DeFi with the new Exodus Browser Extension? You needn’t voyage alone. The power of Web3 is accessible with an intuitive interface and the world-class customer support Exodus is known for.

    A shortlist of the features you can expect:

    • Buy, sell, and swap crypto directly in the extension
    • Mint, trade, and view your NFT collection
    • Browse & pin your favorite Web3 projects in the extension dashboard
    • Stake Solana
    • Track balances over time
    • Navigate in a simple and easy to use interface
    • Buy crypto at low rates with credit/debit card or bank account
    • Find the help you need with Exodus’ world-class customer support

    And we won’t be stopping with Solana and Ethereum. Other popular blockchains like Algorand will follow, making the Exodus Browser Extension multi-chain and the only place to explore all of Web3 from one simple and beautiful wallet.

    Download now for Chrome and Brave.

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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