How to buy ApeCoin APE

How to buy ApeCoin APE

How to buy ApeCoin APE

Are you thinking of aping into ApeCoin? If so, this guide is right up your street as we aim to inform you on how to buy ApeCoin and where to buy ApeCoin.

What is ApeCoin?

Before we get into the weeds on where to buy ApeCoin let’s run through some ApeCoin basics.  

ApeCoin is an Ethereum-based token designed for utility and governance. The token is associated with one of crypto’s biggest NFT collections, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). According to the project itself, ApeCoin is “a token for culture, gaming and commerce used to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3”.

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ApeCoin and its APE token are the creation of ApeCoin DAO - a decentralized autonomous organization established to govern ApeCoin and make decisions related to its ongoing development.

The token is destined to have in-game utility, featuring within bored ape-inspired games. Conventional businesses like Time Magazine incorporating ApeCoin as a means of payment is an encouraging sign.

BAYC  is a social and cultural NFT community that brings metaverse branding to the real world while inspiring new ideas and business models. This gives ApeCoin a significant platform and culture that it can leverage and develop further. This is at the core of the potential that the token offers.

The info above provides you with an outline of ApeCoin. For a much deeper dive into the BAYC-linked project, read our full review of ApeCoin.

Where can you buy ApeCoin?

Cryptocurrency exchanges listing the APE token are not in short supply. That said, these exchanges are more geared towards advanced traders, and keeping your funds in a centralized exchange isn’t a good idea.

Luckily, Exodus also supports the token within its self-custodial applications, providing a safer and more intuitive user experience to support your efforts to buy APE.

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Should I buy Apecoin?

APE is one of over 230 different crypto assets available to buy via the Exodus App. In addition to buying APE via the desktop or mobile app, Exodus users can also swap out any crypto asset to the ApeCoin tokens. To accomplish this, you can either use the built-in exchange app, or link your Exodus wallet with the FTX exchange.

How to buy ApeCoin using a credit or debit card

The ability to purchase digital currencies with a credit/debit card is an important one. Exodus has enabled a “fiat on-ramp” for its customers, and this method is available in almost all US states and the vast majority of countries worldwide.

To buy Apecoin with fiat in the Exodus mobile or desktop application, all you need to do is click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ icon. That will lead to the transaction being processed by either Ramp Network or MoonPay. Maestro payments are supported by Moonpay whereas Ramp Network handles both Mastercard and Visa card payments.

How to buy ApeCoin using a bank account

Bank transfer is another option in trying to make payment for some ApeCoin. Once again, Exodus bank account payments possible for ApeCoin, alongside a range of other tokens.

Payment can be made with USD, EUR and GBP from your bank account. In Europe, bank transfers of up to 2,500 Euro are facilitated.

The option is provided to customers once they click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ icon within the Exodus mobile and desktop applications.

Should I buy Apecoin?
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We’ll leave that sort of serious decision making within your capable hands. That said, when deciding where to buy ApeCoin, I’m sure you’ll agree that Exodus has you covered!

This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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