Where to buy MATIC? A short guide to Polygon

Where to buy MATIC? A short guide to Polygon

Where to buy MATIC? A short guide to Polygon

In this brief guide, we’ll take you through the difference between Polygon and MATIC, and then explain how and where to buy Matic coin.

    What’s the difference between MATIC and Polygon?

    Polygon is a sidechain or layer 2 scaling solution that runs in parallel to the Ethereum blockchain. The project was born out of a need to overcome high gas fees on Ethereum, enabling developers to build scalable, user-friendly apps with low transaction fees.

    Polygon MATIC has the capability to execute around 7,000 transactions per second as opposed to Ethereum’s 15 transactions per second.

    It’s totally understandable why there’s often confusion in figuring out the difference between Polygon and MATIC. Afterall, Polygon was originally founded as Matic Network before it was rebranded in 2021. Once rebranded MATIC remained the token of the Polygon blockchain.

    For a more detailed explanation of what is Polygon and MATIC, you can click here.

    Check out pricing before you buy Polygon (MATIC)

    Before you decide to buy MATIC on Polygon network, you’ll likely want to check out the MATIC price action. You can get the Polygon price here, although it’s never easy to make MATIC price predictions!

    In approaching the task as to how to buy Polygon, MATIC pricing is provided by that feature over various timeframes. The additional data points such as Polygon market cap and 24 hour trading volume could also help you in your decision making.

    Where to buy Polygon crypto?

    Having done your research on the project, your next thought may be where can I buy MATIC? As a top 20 cryptocurrency (by market cap.), there are no shortage of marketplaces to buy MATIC / Polygon. That said, you’ll find it hard to top the buying process on Exodus in terms of user experience.

    There are no less than 230 different crypto assets available to buy via Exodus. Beyond that, others still are available to add as custom tokens.

    If you’re already an Exodus wallet user, you can swap out any crypto asset you currently hold to the native token of Polygon, MATIC,  via Exodus. To get this done, Exodus allows you further optionality still. You can either use the built-in exchange app, or link your Exodus wallet with the FTX exchange.

    All the while, you can take comfort in the fact that Exodus is a self-custodial crypto app, so nobody else has control of your funds. Your crypto is within your complete control.

    How to buy Polygon using a credit or debit card?

    In terms of how to buy Polygon crypto using a credit or debit card, Exodus has got you covered in this respect also. The credit/debit card option probably makes for the most seamless and time-efficient means of purchasing the cryptocurrency using fiat currency. The option is available to residents of over 160 countries and 47 US states.

    Within the Exodus mobile or desktop applications, all you need to do is click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ icon. That action will then redirect you to either Ramp Network or MoonPay with the particular application determining which of these options is best for you, based upon your location and the type of card you’re using. Maestro payments are supported by Moonpay whereas Ramp Network handles both Mastercard and Visa card payments.

    Within the US, another approach with regard to how to buy MATIC is through the use of Apple Pay or Google Pay - via Exodus. That option appears once you click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ icon within the mobile and desktop applications.

    How to buy MATIC using my bank account?

    Bank transfer is another way in which you can buy MATIC on Polygon network via Exodus. Exodus facilitates the purchase of MATIC alongside a range of other cryptocurrencies  with USD, EUR and GBP from your bank account.

    Through its integration with Ramp Network, European customers can buy up to 2500 Euro of cryptocurrency using easy bank transfers and SEPA bank transfers.

    Meanwhile, the MoonPay integration allows European, British and Brazilian customers to buy through their bank accounts. This alternative option is provided automatically to customers once they click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ icon within the Exodus mobile and desktop applications.

    The info above should help you if you're wondering where can I buy MATIC?. If you’ve decided to act on that info and MATIC now features in your crypto portfolio, you’ll probably want to keep up to date on developments related to the project.

    For up-to date crypto asset explainers, check out our Exodus News & Insights page.

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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