How to mint an NFT on Solana Solsea

How to mint an NFT on Solana Solsea

How to mint an NFT on Solana Solsea

Whilst most non-fungible tokens have been created up until now on the Ethereum network as ERC-721 tokens, minting of a Solsea NFT can now be accomplished using the Solsea NFT marketplace and the Solana blockchain.

    What is Solsea?

    Solsea is an open NFT marketplace based on Solana. It provides an alternative to NFT platforms such as OpenSea - the largest NFT marketplace. A Solsea NFT can be minted at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum-based NFTs as it doesn’t implicate the exorbitant gas fees that are currently associated with activity on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Step by step guide: how to mint a Solsea NFT

    The first step in minting an NFT on Solsea using the Exodus Browser Extension is to connect the Browser Extension with the Solsea app. For full instructions on how to connect the Solsea web3 app with your Exodus Browser Extension, click here.

    As part of those instructions, you will need to have the Solsea homepage open in order to finalize connecting with the Browser Extension.

    Once connected, click on the wallet icon on the top right of the Solsea homepage.

    The Solana balance on your Exodus Wallet will appear on the wallet screen. You will need to have some SOL tokens in your wallet in order to have your Solsea NFT added to the blockchain (USDC or USDT balances can also be used to pay for minting fees).

    Next, click ‘create’ on the Solsea homepage.

    The next screen prompts you to register and login to Solsea - so go ahead and do that.

    After you confirm your email you’ll be taken to the login screen on the Solsea homepage - so go ahead and login using the details you set during registration.

    Once logged in, on the dashboard screen, select ‘Create NFT’.

    NFTs can be minted individually or as part of a collection. For the purposes of this step-by-step, we’re going to assume that it’s an individual NFT mint, so select ‘no’.

    On the next screen, enter details relevant to your chosen NFT and click on ‘Next Step’.

    Select the applicable licensing and royalty information and click ‘Next Step’.

    Upload your NFT file, selecting the appropriate file option and click on ‘Next Step’.

    In the next screen, you are presented with a number of additional options. You can choose to add an external link to your artwork’s page (if you have one), so that users can learn more about your artwork.

    You can add ‘traits’ related to the NFT you’re minting. These can include such things as color, body parts, etc.  Add the relevant details and then click on ‘Mint NFT’.

    You will be prompted to approve the transaction associated with minting your NFT, and once that is done, taken to the minting confirmation page. Congratulations, you’ve just minted an NFT on Solsea!

    You can now view your minted NFT in your Exodus wallet. Go to the Exodus Browser Extension home screen and select ‘NFT Gallery’.

    Your minted NFT is now displayed within your Exodus Browser Extension NFT Gallery, and you’re now a creator, empowered by the Exodus Browser Extension in conjunction with Solana Solsea.

    How to verify your NFT on Solsea

    Verification is recommended on Solsea as users are increasingly looking for enhanced security and protection from scam collections. When it comes to collections originally minted on another platform, Solsea requires verification before any NFTs can be listed for sale.

    To verify your NFT on Solsea, you will need to repeat the process above for minting in the first instance - but on this occasion, selecting ‘Create Collection’ (given that only an NFT collection, and not individual NFTs, can be verified).

    Once created, go here and select the collection you created from the dropdown list. Fill out the details requested on the form and then click on ‘submit application’.

    How to sell your NFT on Solsea

    To sell your NFT on Solsea, go to the Solsea homepage and click on the ‘wallet’ icon in the top right hand corner. Click on ‘reload’ in order for your NFT to display. Once displayed, click on the ‘List’ icon.

    In the next screen, enter the sales price in SOL that you want to offer to sell your NFT for and click on ‘List’.

    You will then be prompted to approve the transaction which sees your NFT leave your wallet and be moved to the Solsea NFT marketplace where it is listed for sale. Click on ‘Approve’.

    To verify that you have successfully listed your NFT for sale, click on the dropdown box indicated in the screenshot below. From the list, you can select ‘listed NFTs’. Additional options appear which allow you to change the sales price or delist the item.

    That’s all for our guide on how to mint, sell and verify NFTs on Solsea! For more useful crypto content check out the Exodus Learn section.

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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