How to use LooksRare, the Ethereum NFT tool

How to use LooksRare, the Ethereum NFT tool

How to use LooksRare, the Ethereum NFT tool

LooksRare has made a name for itself as one of OpenSea’s main competitors. With rewards for trading on their platform and lots of unique listing features, LooksRare is perfect for NFT enthusiasts.

Let's take a look at how to use the LooksRare marketplace. We are using the Exodus Web3 Wallet!

    Bulk Listing

    Most marketplaces allow you to sell multiple items from a single collection as a bundle, but LooksRare NFT takes that a step further. On your profile, click on the ‘Bulk Listing’ button and you will be able to list multiple NFTs across any collection.

    You can set the same price for all items or price them individually. No need to repeat the listing process for every item you own!

    Conditional Listing

    Conditional listing allows you to list two items and when one of them sells, the other listing is canceled! If you own two NFTs and you want to get rid of only one of them with no preference, this feature is for you.

    Just select two NFTs from your profile and click ‘Conditional Listing’.

    Collection Offer

    LooksRare allows you to make an offer for all items in a collection.

    Click the ‘Collection Offer’ button on any collection page, make your offer, and any holders of the NFTs in the collection can accept.

    Listing Rewards

    The unique listing features are complemented by LooksRare’s listing rewards. By listing an NFT from an eligible collection, you receive points every 10 minutes. These are converted to the LooksRare token once a day.

    The listing price must be within 1.4x of the collection’s floor price, and the NFT must be from one of the top 15 collections ranked by volume. You can check the exact requirements you need to fulfill on the LooksRare NFT website!

    Trading Rewards

    Trading rewards are arguably the biggest benefit of using LooksRare. Both the buyer and seller of an NFT earn rewards, which are calculated based on each user’s overall trading volume for that day. The reward is paid out in the LooksRare token.

    If you bought an NFT for 10 ETH and the overall volume on LooksRare NFT that day was 1000 ETH, you would receive 1% of the LooksRare tokens allocated to that day. The seller of that NFT would also receive the reward.

    Exodus Web3 Wallet

    Ready to explore LooksRare? Connect with the Exodus Web3 Wallet, available for Chrome and Brave.

    • Browse without limits across both Ethereum and Solana, with other chains to be added soon
    • Enjoy a curated experience with recommended Web3 apps and the ability to customize your dashboard with your faves
    • Swap tokens at the best rates, thanks to a built-in decentralized exchange that connects to Ethereum and SolanaAccess your funds on mobile, desktop, and even Trezor!

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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