Magic Eden airdrops NFTs and launches DAO

Magic Eden airdrops NFTs and launches DAO

Magic Eden airdrops NFTs and launches DAO

Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden this week airdropped thousands of special NFTs to some of its users. The Magic Eden NFT giveaway serves to introduce its new DAO and let its active members participate.

    The Magic Ticket airdrop

    On February 21, 2022, leading Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden rewarded its customers by launching a surprise three-day airdrop of Magic Ticket NFTs. About 4,000 were distributed on the first day. To be eligible, users have to connect their email and discord address to Magic Eden.

    It was widely reported in the media that either 30,000 or 50,000 NFTS were being handed out, but the Magic Eden team have since clarified that there was no definite number, since all qualified accounts will receive one.


    These NFTs aren’t just attractive collectibles; as the name makes clear, they provide exclusive admission to the inner circle of the newly-created MagicDAO, whose stated mission is “to work together with our community to create a stronger Solana NFT ecosystem.”

    Each Magic Ticket (created for different categories of customers, based on when they first transacted with Magic Eden and their level of engagement) acts as a membership pass, including access to a gated channel on its Discord server. The three types of tickets represent different categories of users, which Magic Eden sees as each having a slightly different focus:

    • OGs want to see stronger projects, and they can help build better analytics, safety and trading tools for the marketplaces and brainstorm ideas for strengthening the organization generally.
    • Degens wish to learn to become better traders and get connected to the project’s founders, developers and marketers. They can assist the organization in identifying rug pulls and other scams.
    • Normies are interested in making new connections and getting better at evaluating new projects. They can help make the ecosystem seem more inclusive.

    All DAO members will be able to participate in governance, voting on various proposals and initiatives.

    As a kickstarter, 1,000 SOL (about $82,000) from collected fees was placed in the DAO’s treasury. Going forward, 5% of future secondary-sale royalties and 2% of trading fees will be added. The DAO has no plans to launch its own token.

    Among the many initiatives in its roadmap is a planned Magic Ticket event at NFTLA, a major NFT conference to be held in Los Angeles in March. MagicDAO members will also be able to vote on which NFT projects to feature on Magic Eden’s home page.According to DappRadar, Magic Eden experienced  about $208 million in NFT trading volume over the past 30 days, with nearly 220,000 users. This far exceeded the next-largest Solana NFT marketplace, Solanart, which did $15 million in business with 40,000 users during the same period.

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