Exodus Newsdrop - September 16th 2022

Exodus Newsdrop - September 16th 2022

Exodus Newsdrop - September 16th 2022

A roundup of the week’s crypto news, with ETH down 15% despite The Merge passing successfully, Javier Bardem selling an NFT scan of his iris for charity, and
A trader paying 36 ETH for what is apparently the first NFT minted on Ethereum PoS.

    Ethereum Merge is a success

    The successful Ethereum Merge is the week’s big news, with the blockchain already using 99.9% less energy after it’s long-aticpated move to a proof-of-stake consensus passed without incident.

    The supply of ETH is now decreasing, but apparently nobody told ETH holders, as the token price dropped by over 8% post-Merge. Are traders selling the news? The price of ETH did run up significantly against BTC and other top cryptocurrencies in the months before The Merge.

    Meanwhile, even though the Ethereum Prood-of-Work fork hasn’t yet materialized, exchanges like FTX have already listed the ETHW token. FTX was one of the first exchanges to list ETHW, which is a synthetic IOU token that will be exchangeable for the real thing, if and when the hard fork happens.

    This week in Web3

    In Web3 news, the actor Javier Bardem has donated an NFT, featuring a strikingly-detailed scan of his iris, to the charity Ojos del Mundo, which helps provide eyesight care to people in the developing world.

    The creators of Fortnite (Mythical Games) have launched Blanko’s Block Party, a creative platformer that is powered by NFTs. The game is free to play, and according to the studio, already has more than 1 million active users.

    Google has partnered with Binance to provide BNB developers with 2 years of free Google Cloud computing. The tech giant will also offer its technical know-how to any applications building on Binance Chain.

    And a recent Algorand upgrade has seen the pure proof-of-stake blockchain increase it’s transaction speed from 1,200 to 6,000 tps. Good news for Exodus Web3 wallet users, as Algorand is the latest platform supported by the multichain browser wallet, which is available for users of Chrome and Brave.

    And finally…fortune dropped on Billy Bear Ham NFT

    And finally… someone paid 36 ETH ($54,000) for this:

    The image, which features block data and a text-art panda, is apparently the first NFT minted on the new Ethereum proof-of-stake chain, and is called “The Transition”.

    A little slice of history or a meaty slice of opportunistic spam? Only time will tell.

    Speaking of NFTs, click here for our recent interview with the founder of Alpha League Racing, a super-addictive web3 game on Solana.

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