Exodus Newsdrop - August 26th 2022

Exodus Newsdrop - August 26th 2022

Exodus Newsdrop - August 26th 2022

A roundup of the week’s crypto news, with Mastercard seeking to bring crypto purchases to stores worldwide, the latest on the Tornado Cash saga, and a claim that John McAfee is still alive.

    Mastercard going all out on BTC

    The big stories this week saw Mastercard team up with Binance is “to enable people to use their digital coins when purchasing from stores that accept Mastercard.” The focus is on making it easier for people to pay with crypto for everyday purchases, and the statement comes as Mastercard and Binance launch the Binance payment card in Argentina.

    Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev will stay in jail for a further 90 days whilst the Dutch FIOD seek to charge him with a legitimate crime. A protest was held in Amsterdam’s Dam square at the weekend, with placards reading “open source code is not a crime”.

    And Tether announced that they won’t try to freeze Tornado Cash addresses (but mostly because they haven’t yet been asked to by law enforcement.) The stablecoin company says that it has almost daily contact with OFAC, but that no freeze requests have been made while investigations are ongoing.

    This week in Web3 and dev news

    In Web3 news, Coinbase announced that they will introduce cbETH - a wrapped ERC-20 token that will represent staked ETH on the centralized exchange. The token can be sent off-platform, but Coinbase warn that any cbETH sent to the wrong network will be lost.

    The founder of DeFi app Synthetix has put forward a proposal that would see a halt in high SNX staking rewards, in favour of a total supply cap that should boost the long term value of the token itself. According to the developer, “Inflation was designed to bootstrap the network, and it has done the job.”

    And Eminem will join Snoop Dogg for a BAYC-themed show on MTV this Sunday. The stage will be transformed to reflect the aesthetic of the BAYC “Otherside” metaverse, and the performance was developed in partnership with Yuga Labs.

    And finally…John McAfree?

    And finally… is John McAfee still alive? An ex-girlfriend claims so in a new Netflix documentary, saying that the colourful crypto and antivirus mogul faked his own death, and later called her from Texas.

    At the time of his apparent suicide, McAfee was pursued by the Department on Justice on tax evasion charges, but was also evading a promise made to the crypto community to eat his own dick if Bitcoin failed to reach $500k by July 2020.

    tbf Fox would probably broadcast it

    A better reason than most to fake your own demise.

    BTC may not have reached 500k, but its future is still bright. Click here for our top 5 things to look forward to in the future of Bitcoin.

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