Social media on Solana! Exodus interviews Clubverse @Solana Hacker…

Social media on Solana! Exodus interviews Clubverse @Solana Hacker House

Social media on Solana! Exodus interviews Clubverse @Solana Hacker House

Exodus attended a Solana Hacker House recently in Stockholm, and interviewed Daniel, the co-founder of Clubverse, one of the projects in attendance. Clubverse are aiming to change the way we interact with creators through social media by rewarding our engagement and deepening the relationship between user and creator.

Read on to learn more about this social media on Solana project, Clubverse's thoughts on Hacker Houses, and how they’re working to change the social media landscape.

Interview with Clubverse

Daniel: My name is Daniel and I’m a co-founder of Clubverse. I take care of the relations with investors, marketing, and all those aspects.

Ash: Great, tell us a bit about Clubverse.

Daniel: Clubverse is a platform aimed at content creators so they can deepen the relationship they have with their community and help them engage better.

Presentation by Daniel Moutouss, co-founder of Clubverse

We also help them monetize all those relationships that exist today, which in the current market and space, Web2 doesn’t allow you to do. Platforms like YouTube or Instagram are the ones actually monetizing and taking the entire cake and leaving the crumbs for the creators.

We want to change that dynamic with Clubverse.

Ash: Where did the idea come from?

Daniel: Having been in Web3 for a little while and understanding communities, seeing their needs and how powerful they can be, we realized that communities are often not monetized in a way that’s profitable for the community and its owners.

So we decided to step in and offer a platform solution that has made the creator a super-manager of their own community. They’re able to make their own decisions and involve the community in that process of building, engaging, etc.

Ash: Awesome, so let’s say I’m a creator, what would it look like if I were to start using Clubverse?

Daniel: The main way to use our platform is to log in with your email, create a wallet without using an intermediary, and launch your own “club”. Everything is implemented on-chain.

Your club has its own chain address where you can launch NFTs, Web2 or physical products, etc.

Clubverse: social media on Solana

Or if you want to have your own brand and not the Clubverse brand, like your own landing page and community site, we can help you with that. We’ll generate all the tools and everything found in Clubverse only for you.

It has all your branding and is directly linked to your landing page, instead of having to go through Clubverse, which is more like an aggregator of regular communities that don’t mind being part of the Clubverse brand, they just want access to our utilities.

Ash: What stage are you at in the development?

Daniel: We’re about to launch our beta. We’re working with our first 10 ambassadors to have a product, optimizing it and doing a product-market fit for them.

We’ll be launching in the next 30 days with them and starting all those community-building efforts. We plan on launching the app for the public somewhere in November, maybe December.

It depends on how things go as we also want to start working with tokens and NFTs, and that symbiosis has to be properly set so we don’t have any gaps or things that go south.

Ash: So are you planning on launching a token?

Daniel: Yea, so the interesting thing about Web3 is that it allows us to do gamification, which is how you get a lot of engagement for your community.

For example, a like is engagement, but you’re not monetizing it and your users are not being rewarded. We want to change all that.

We want to gamify the whole social media interaction system, whereas Twitter or Instagram will never pay you for any kind of interaction.

Gamified social media on Solana

The idea is, you’re part of a club, you like your creator, and for things that you do every day, like liking, retweeting, and so on, you’ll be rewarded with tokens. And you can spend those tokens on experiences and products that the creator offers.

We know that algorithms are king today, and when an algo picks you up, your numbers start boosting. So if we reward these followers properly, they will boost the algorithms, the creators will get more engagement, which will bring more people into their club.

Ash: Great, I can’t wait to see the release! And why did you choose to build on Solana?

Daniel: We started working on Ethereum initially, developing some Solidity contracts back in August last year around this idea of community building and engagement.

But Ethereum was not really scalable for the amount of on-chain transactions we wanted. It makes sense for only a couple of transactions, just money or payments, but for us, it wasn’t enough.

We decided we wanted something that can handle more on-chain transactions and was cheaper. Solana was the next biggest chain so we started delving into it and talking with the community, we really didn’t know anybody here.

I think us trying to throw our project into the first Solana hackathon we participated in really made us like, okay, let’s give it a full month of work and see where we can go.

And at the Hacker Houses, we thought, this community is fantastic. All these smart people that you don’t see on Twitter or Discord are all here and doing something amazing.

Ash: Great! So how can we stay up-to-date with Clubverse?

Daniel: You can find us at, or our Twitter at @clubversexyz.

Ash: Perfect, thank you so much for your time.

Daniel: Thanks!

How to use Clubverse and other social media apps on Solana

Clubverse is still in development, but you can stay up-to-date on their website to be notified of their public release. You can demo the platform at:

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