Attending a Solana Hacker House: Web3 paradise

Attending a Solana Hacker House: Web3 paradise

Attending a Solana Hacker House: Web3 paradise

Crypto hackathons are vital because they bring together developers from around the world to work towards one goal: creating awesome Web3 apps.

There are many blockchain hackathons from which to choose. Some of the most intriguing ones are the Solana Hacker Houses, which are happening across the world in 2022.

Recently, Exodus attended one in Stockholm, Sweden, and made some fascinating discoveries about grassroots building on Solana, bagged some exclusive interviews which we’ll publish over the next few days, and were accused of being an accomplice of a wanted man called Hank Garcia.

Read on for the full Solana hackathon experience!

Solana Hacker House

The event in Stockholm lasted for five days, during which all the projects in attendance were working hard to finalize their prototypes for their presentations on the last day. Although, they weren’t exactly working in a bad spot.

Solana hackathon layout

The Hacker House had rows of fancy computer setups, supersonic WiFi, and most importantly of all, free food and drinks. And yes, that included beer and wine. I took my fair share of Red Bulls.

Daily workshops and panels by crypto experts filled up the schedule. We heard about Solana governance, the inner workings of stablecoins, and concentrated liquidity pools. There was always something new going on.

While I was talking with someone about the issues that crypto games face, a security guard walked up heatedly and asked us if we had seen a man named “Hank.” We both said we hadn’t, which prompted the guard to pull out a small wanted poster.

We broke out in laughter and had to explain to the guard that the poster was a promotion for an upcoming project called Daddy Punks Club.

If the developers were too hard at work to get drunk during the day, the evenings were filled with amazing vibes at local bars where the work was left back at the hackathon and we got to know each other personally.

And while most people left early to get their drinks on, a group of gamers had a different idea. They hijacked the projector in the large hall and ran a bootstrap Counter-Strike tournament. I grew up with the game and found it hard not to stay and watch, but the bar was calling my name.

Everyone was kind and ambitious, so if you’re looking to meet more people in the Solana space, there’s no better place than a Hacker House.

The event ended successfully with nearly 20 projects presenting their prototypes on the last day, many of which were looking for VC backing.

We saw everything from massive drones rentable on Solana to a platform that seeks to empower creators and their communities. At one point, there were even burgers being handed out! Unfortunately, I didn’t get one.

Exodus interviewed some of the people behind these projects, which include Tiexo, Clubverse, Alpha League Racing, and Marinade Finance. We’ll be dropping these interviews in the next few days!

The importance of Solana hackathons

Solana excels in its grassroots dev scene as there is a near-zero cost to participate in its ecosystem, while some chains like Ethereum have significant cost barriers. As we saw during the Hacker House, developers were experimenting and sketching concepts on the spot.

The Hacker Houses present a unique opportunity for developers to connect with others in the Solana ecosystem and collaborate on helping crypto reach its full potential. Since Solana has fewer developers than Ethereum, these events become the focal point of networking for Solana developers.

If you’re interested in attending one of the Hacker Houses for yourself, check out the Solana website where you can sign up for one of the blockchain hackathons. The tickets are completely free, but they are first come, first served.

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