What bear market? TikTok gaming head switches to blockchain

What bear market? TikTok gaming head switches to blockchain

What bear market? TikTok gaming head switches to blockchain

After two years of heading up gaming at TikTok, Jason Fung is striking out on his own as founder and CEO of Meta0.

Meta0 is a blockchain infrastructure company creating connected metaverses, unified by a shared economy and identity.

Fung told Exodus News that he wants to “position Meta0 as the leading solutions provider for all game developers wanting to create games with blockchain elements.”

Simplifying blockchain integration for gaming devs

In a litepaper published on July 4, Meta0 sets out to establish a blockchain agnostic protocol that is designed for communication between metaverses and blockchain networks.

The objective of the Meta0 protocol will be to “make a unified common infrastructure for all types of metaverses, including gaming and other verticals, by leveraging blockchain as a technology, and not as a dedicated protocol”. In this way, Meta0 circumvents the need for a dedicated public blockchain.

The litepaper likens the innovation and experimentation that accompanied the development of the internet with what is going on right now in terms of simplifying cross-product communication in blockchain.

Meta0 will provide developers with four main tools to help them interact with blockchains:

  • Identity protocol and wallet management that doesn’t require external tools like MetaMask.
  • An NFT Management API that allows NFTs to be issued simply via HTTP requests.
  • An NFT Gateway API will ensure NFTs issued using Meta0 protocol are cross-chain tokens, meaning that they can be transferred from one supported blockchain to another and only be on one network at a time.
  • A Marketplace Framework that will provide an NFT marketplace for any NFT issued on the Meta0 protocol.

In essence, Meta0 aims to hide the complexities of the blockchain for game developers so that they can integrate with the blockchain easily whilst concentrating on their own core area of competence.

From the point of view of the gamer, the idea is to make their journey seamless. As an example, engaging with NFTs will mean a simple in-game email login.

Bear market confidence

When you consider how painful this current bear market has been, there’s a definite positive take away when an entrepreneur like Fung is choosing this moment to ‘buidl’ in the blockchain space.

It sounds like the Meta0 founder is mission driven when he tells us that the startup will “focus on building our infrastructure and tools so that developers can build successful games on top of our platform”.

Fung is not the exception to the rule. In a matter of days,  Mark Aubrey, a proven gaming industry executive at Activision Blizzard, is joining blockchain gaming firm Catheon Gaming as co-CEO alongside founder William Wu.

Meanwhile, web3 gaming company Immutable has hired Henry Cho, the former head of product design at Facebook, to head up Immutable’s product design.

In recent years, we have seen a slew of bright minds from the top tech and financial companies move into this space. Seeing that trend continue in the depths of a bear market provides a definite insight.

As mainstream media serves you up victory laps announcing the demise of crypto, maintaining some perspective is key in realizing that all the while, something tangible is being built here.

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