Top 7 most cringe NFT moments ever

Top 7 most cringe NFT moments ever

Top 7 most cringe NFT moments ever

Imagine you arrive at your friend’s house, and he introduces you to a mutual friend that you don’t know. Your friend then asks you to login to your OpenSea account and show him your collection of NFTs. Reluctantly, you login to Metamask and start loading up the page. But just before you do, your friend decides that he needs to go to the bathroom for 20 minutes, and then leaves you alone with this new person. But your laptop is already open and the page has already loaded now, and this girl that you know nothing about is kind of looking at your screen out of politeness, you know? So with a dry throat you have to forge ahead and show her your “Cool Cat” NFTs, and a parcel of wilderness that you own on Decentraland. “Look”, you say, clutching at straws, “This Solana Monkey is smoking a cigarette!”. Nothing. You’re 4 minutes in and she’s completely stopped feigning interest. She just fixes her gaze on a spot in the distance, as an awkward silence envelopes the room. Your friend still has 16 minutes of his toilet visit left.

And that, my friends, is NFT Cringe.

Anyway, a few days ago, a thread on Twitter compiled some of the most cringy moments at NFT.NYC, a yearly industry event in New York, but what about the most cringy moments overall in the NFT space? Here’s our countdown of the top 7 most NFT Cringe moments ever.

7. Steve Aoki showing off his doodle during live set

While there are many top signals in crypto, nothing beats Steve Aoki showing his Doodle to an audience wondering why he’s showing them a gray alien-looking cartoon character in the middle of a set.

No reaction from the crowd? Bad audience.

6. ApeFest VIP section

You thought Formula 1 tickets were expensive? Look what seats a $100,000 NFT gets you.

Sure, it would be worth it if the seats were the VIP section to a Guns n’ Roses concert in the early 90s, but this was much worse. Read on further to find out who was performing on stage.

5. Amy Schumer at ApeFest

Amy Schumer has a reputation for telling jokes that make audiences burst into silence, so what better audience to perform in front of than BAYC holders at ApeFest?

To be fair she was probably spot on when she said NFT stands for ‘not f*cking tonight’.

4. Fallon and Hilton show off their BAYC

Mainstream TV has had many weird and awkward moments, but rarely any related to NFTs. That is, until Jimmy Fallon invited Paris Hilton onto his show and they decided to show off their BAYCs.

There must be someone in that audience wondering why they’re clapping to pictures of monkeys wearing clothes.

Impressive if you’ve made it this far in our NFT cringe compilation! But beware, the last 3 are all God-level cringe.

3. Guy wearing BAYC hoodie proposes

All people dream of proposing to their partner in a beautiful way for the memory books, which means it’s not every day you see someone proposing wearing joggers and BAYC merch.

Bless him, she must have checked the floor price of BAYC right before the video was shot and seen it down badly. I look happier when I take the first bite of a pizza.

2. at NFT.NYC

We all know NFT communities can have cult-like followings (*cough* Neo Tokyo *cough*), and sometimes it gets out of hand. When NFT natives come out of hibernation to attend their conferences, things tend to get even crazier, which was the case for at NFT.NYC.

The team really wanted everyone to remember their stand, huh? Warning for theater students reading this: these are the types of gigs you’re looking at outside of Broadway.

1. Randi Zuckerberg’s Web3 music video

And you’ve made it to the most cringey moment in our NFT cringe compilation. The first time I played this video, I had to click pause after ten seconds, take a deep breath, compose myself, and then continue watching.

Mark Zuckerberg (the famous, all-American meat smoker) has a sister, Randi, and Randi released a song called ‘WAGMI’ to share her love for all things Web3. Not only are your ears in for a treat, there’s also a music video. Watch below at your own risk.

If you ever wondered what the Web3 version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ would sound like, now you know.

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