Exodus 7 Most Trustworthy Sources for Crypto Info

Exodus 7 Most Trustworthy Sources for Crypto Info

Exodus 7 Most Trustworthy Sources for Crypto Info

The cryptocurrency space is like the wild west at times, and it’s not always easy to know who are the most trustworthy sources of crypto info. Sometimes the most blatant scams look legit, while good information is presented as though it’s FUD or make-believe. Then there are the traditional media organizations, like CNBC and Yahoo Finance, which often misreport on crypto and get the details wrong.

A few of the most common dangers of misinformation in crypto are:

  • Shilling - A person or organization presenting so-called “good information,” often about an investment opportunity, which is actually just trying to pump up the price of their project. They may also have been paid for the promotion, without mentioning this fact to viewers or readers. Projects with lots of shilling rarely end up being good long term investments
  • Poor research - A large portion of the mainstream media is especially guilty of this. They get the technical details of blockchain technology wrong, and if you take these articles at face value you’ll end up misinformed
  • FUD - Lots of media outlets love to talk about how Bitcoin is dead or this or that project is going to fail. While there are legitimate criticisms of crypto and many issues that must be solved, FUD is commonly seen as overly negative news that doesn’t have much bearing on reality. If you allow too much FUD to influence your decisions you can easily make investment decisions that you come to regret later

To make it easier for you to avoid all of this nonsense we’ve put together the Exodus 7 most trustworthy sources for crypto info, in no particular order. We’ve included a handful of news organizations, as well as some people who consistently provide the best information about crypto and blockchain technology.


    CoinDesk is one of the most reliable crypto news websites on the internet. Unlike other websites which seem to be only interested in getting as many clicks as possible, CoinDesk cares about its reputation and its writers take their job seriously.

    What sets CoinDesk apart from other news platforms is that they also have a lot of op-ed articles from notable figures in crypto like Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures. CoinDesk also releases a long and detailed weekly newsletter called Money Reimagined, as well as five other cryptocurrency newsletters on various topics. CoinDesk’s Money Reimagined podcast also covers many of the same topics as the newsletter.

    CoinDesk is a great media platform that covers the latest news and their crypto content is reliable and accurate.


    Since 2017, Cryptobriefing has lived up to its stated goal of “highlighting the builders and calling out the scammers.” They aim to combat the “information asymmetry” that is inherent in the crypto space, where investors get burned because insiders have better information and can anticipate trends in the crypto market.

    The Cryptobriefing site offers a mix of in-depth coin evaluations, technical analysis and crypto news, and the team also sends out a daily newsletter for insight on current affairs. Seeking to cultivate journalistic integrity, Cryptobriefing writers have to state at the end of articles if they are holding any coin or token mentioned in the piece. They also reach out to people or teams mentioned in the articles, so that those involved can give their own perspective on events.

    Even though this is common practice for respected news titles such as the NY Times and The Guardian, this “proper” journalistic behavior is surprisingly rare in the world of crypto media, and is something that we at Exodus are vocal advocates for.

    Peter McCormack

    Peter McCormack is the host of What Bitcoin Did, one of the most popular crypto podcasts in the world. Peter has a huge variety of guests on the program so that you never know who will be on next. One week it’s Eric Weinstein demanding to know how Bitcoin can change the world, and the next week it’s Willy Woo talking about what the latest onchain data means for Bitcoin’s price.

    What Bitcoin did is a great source of information because you can learn about the latest developments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects directly from the people who are developing this new technology. Also, the podcast goes into much more depth than a news article.

    NLW & The Breakdown

    Nathaniel Whittemore (NLW) has quickly made a name for himself as one of the most reliable and interesting crypto podcasters in the space. NLW, who is also very active on Twitter, hosts the Breakdown podcast in partnership with CoinDesk.

    The daily podcast is a mix of the latest crypto news, as well as long-form interviews from notable figures like Luke Gromen, Lyn Alden and Jeffrey Snider. NLW will also occasionally read an article that he finds especially interesting.

    As a host NLW comes across as a neutral observer who is fully capable of criticizing crypto and the crypto community, when he feels that the criticism is deserved. NLW does not advocate for any one project and he does not have an obvious bias towards any cryptocurrency in particular. Here at Exodus, we feel like this kind of neutrality is especially important in the crypto space.  

    Many highly respected people in the industry follow NLW and his podcast sets a high bar for quality and depth of thought.

    Andreas Antonopoulos

    Andreas Antonopoulos is arguably one of the most influential and inspiring Bitcoin and crypto advocates in the world. He has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, is a regular public speaker across the world, and has written several books about cryptocurrency.

    Although Andreas is a Bitcoin advocate, he is quick to acknowledge the value of other projects and does not criticize unless he feels it’s warranted. Andreas is a good source of information because he’s very technically knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, but presents his case in a way that anyone can understand it.

    Andreas is active on Twitter, where he has more than half a million followers, and also regularly uploads new content and answers questions from viewers on his YouTube channel.


    While the guys at Bankless are primarily focused on Ethereum, what you have to keep in mind is that the Ethereum ecosystem is huge! It includes NFTs, all of the DeFi protocols and also layer two scaling solutions like Polygon and Arbitrum.

    Even though Bankless is Ethereum centric, the hosts Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman are open to alternative ideas and they’re more interested in getting it right than shilling for their coin. For example, Preston Pysh and Lyn Alden have both recently appeared on the Bankless podcast, even though both investors don’t own any Ethereum and have criticized the project in the past.

    Besides the podcast, there is also a free Bankless newsletter, as well as a premium subscription.

    The Block

    The Block is another trusted source of information about all things crypto. What sets The Block apart from other crypto news websites is that their stories tend to be a little bit longer and more in-depth. As per their mission statement, “we are the first and final word in digital assets.”

    In addition to their crypto news section, the Block has a research service tailored specifically to institutional and other sophisticated investors. They also have dozens of crypto charts and graphs which show the latest data, from exchange volume to mining pool outflows. Finally, the Block releases several in-depth reports every year that anyone can download for free.

    Honorable mentions

    For sure there are more than 7 reliable sources of crypto info on the internet, and we apologize to any publications or influencers who are out there fighting the good fight against crypto misinformation but didn’t make it onto the list.

    Honorable mentions go to Decrypt, Anthony Pompliano, Jameson Lopp, Once Bitten, Unhashed, Hackernoon, Block Digest, The Ethereum Foundation Blog, and any others we may have missed.

    And of course, Exodus is always here with asset explainers, crypto tutorials, blockchain insight, and more. If you enjoyed this article, "Top 7 most trustworthy sources for crypto info", don't forget to subscribe for more Exodus blog updates.

    This content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You should consult a qualified licensed advisor before engaging in any transaction.

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