What is Solana Spaces - Web3 goes IRL

What is Solana Spaces - Web3 goes IRL

What is Solana Spaces - Web3 goes IRL

The world’s first permanent physical retail, educational and community space dedicated to Web3 has opened today at Hudson Yards in New York.

What is Solana Spaces? A Web3 embassy

The store has been opened by Solana Spaces, a retail venue group established in collaboration with the Solana Foundation, with the objective of providing an immersive educational experience for people interested in the Solana blockchain and Web3.

Visitors to the store will be provided with tutorials and experiences for new entrants into crypto.

What is Solana Spaces?
The Solana Store in NYC - IMG Source

Solana Spaces collaborations have been put in place with designers, brands and NFT collections in order to offer Solana-themed merchandise and crypto lifestyle products.

The store features a digital art gallery displaying different NFT collections each month.  Interactive displays showcase developments on the Solana blockchain and within the Solana ecosystem.

Solana Spaces will also use the opportunity to showcase Solana Saga, Solana’s flagship Web3 mobile phone. The phone isn’t available for delivery until early next year but visitors to the store will have the opportunity to preview the phone first hand.

Web3 IRL

NFT artwork is giving this Solana ecosystem project the leverage to grow its community through a physical location. But it’s not the first project to bring Web3 through to a physical activation.

During the Coachella music and art festival in April, Web3 agency Vault721 took over the Villa Royale resort in Palm Springs and immersed guests in experiencing digital art over the course of the weekend. The following month, it held a similar NFT event during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami.

Non Fungible Art Inc. is another startup that has meshed the physical and the digital. The company has established a physical location called The Compound to host events featuring NFT collections and live performances covering the areas of art, fashion, film and music.

NFTs in real life - IMG Source

Earlier this year, Los Angeles restaurateur Andy Nguyen opened a restaurant in Long Beach based on the well known NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The venture provided an example of the power of NFTs as it translates into real life branding. Nguyen had to go out and invest in a bored ape in order to facilitate the branding.

That investment made him part of the BAYC community and allowed him to leverage that community in order to promote and market his business. Nguyen is planning on opening a second Bored & Hungry restaurant in Seoul, South Korea later this year.

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