What's happening with Everstake?

If you stake with Everstake in Exodus, your staked crypto is safe.

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Since Everstake is located in Ukraine, are my funds safe?

Yes, your funds are safe. The political situation in Ukraine will not affect your staking in Exodus through our third-party staking API provider Everstake.

Everstake's servers are located around the world, with mission-critical infrastructure located outside of Ukraine. Currently, there are no staking nodes located in Ukraine.

Everstake leadership and development teams are also located outside Ukraine.

You can read the statement from Everstake's team on Reddit here.

What if Everstake was affected?

When you stake inside Exodus, you are delegating your funds to an Everstake pool. This allows you to earn staking rewards on your funds. However, your funds are still fully accessible with your private key.

If Everstake was affected in any way, your funds would not be. The rewards for that staking period might be delayed until Everstake came back online, or until Exodus switched to another third-party staking API provider, but your funds would be secure.

Because Exodus is a non-custodial wallet, you can always access your funds, staked or otherwise, by exporting your private keys into another wallet. Remember, your crypto doesn't live in your wallet, it lives on the blockchain - your wallet is just the software you use to interact with your funds.

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