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Crypto and taxes

Taxation of cryptocurrency is handled differently in every country. 

When preparing to file taxes on your crypto, we recommend contacting a licensed and practiced accountant or service provider who is knowledgeable about how your country's tax authority classifies crypto.

How do I export my Exodus transaction history for taxes?

If you need to include your crypto transactions and holdings when filing your taxes, then you can export your entire wallet history to a CSV. For instructions, please visit: How do I export my transaction history?

You can submit the relevant information from that CSV to your tax accountant or use one of the software services below to help organize your transactions in preparation for filing your taxes.

Tutorial video: Cryptocurrency Tax Import Tutorial (Cointracker + Exodus Wallet)

What are some software services that help with crypto taxation?

Below is a list of software services that offer help with crypto taxation. We encourage you to research available options, because you will need to pick a service that is aware of the tax rules in your local region.

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