How do I create multiple wallets on the same computer?

Everything you need to know so you can enjoy having multiple Exodus wallets on the same computer!

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What's the difference between a wallet and a portfolio?

Multiple wallets Each wallet has its own unique 12-word secret recovery phrase and acts as a completely separate wallet.
Multiple portfolios Each portfolio is derived from the same secret recovery phrase, and each derivation is its own portfolio with its own addresses. Think of it like accounts all linked to the same secret recovery phrase.

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What happens when I create another wallet?

When you create another wallet on your computer, you need to create another user account on your computer and install Exodus wallet on the new account.

This is because when you create a new wallet, you are creating a new secret recovery phrase. It is a completely separate wallet.

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Why would you want to have multiple wallets?

We are commonly asked about the ability to have multiple Exodus wallets on one computer to help separate transactions and history. Having multiple Exodus wallets on one computer can be useful if you have a personal and business wallet, or even if there are multiple people sharing the computer and each person wants a wallet. There are many reasons!

By having multiple wallets, you can keep transactions and balances separate just like having multiple bank accounts.

The easiest way to create multiple wallets in Exodus is to create separate user accounts on your computer's operating system. After new users are created, you can run Exodus under each user account and Exodus will run separate wallets for each user account on the computer.

How do I create another wallet?

First, create a new user account for your operating system:



In the new user profile, the Exodus wallet application will already be in the applications folder. When you click on it a new wallet will be created. It is not necessary to download the Exodus application again.

If you do not see your Exodus wallet inside of the applications folder, head over to our website to download the wallet again.

You can follow these steps and create as many user accounts as you like to have multiple versions of Exodus on one computer!

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