How do I log out of Exodus?

How to close Exodus on different devices!

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How do I log out from Exodus?

Web3 Wallet


In Exodus Web3 Wallet, a) click the Wallet icon, then b) click the Portfolio icon.

You need to enable multiple portfolios to see the Portfolio icon. If you don't see the Portfolio icon, follow this guide to enable multiple portfolios: How do I enable multiple portfolios?

Next, click Lock Wallet.

This effectively logs you out of your wallet. In order to access your wallet again, you can enter your password. 

If you want to adjust the auto-lock timer in Exodus Web3 Wallet, see this article: How do I use the auto-lock feature?


As Exodus is a wallet and not an exchange account or web-hosted service, there's no traditional account to be managed here because all your assets are stored on your local machine. 

Whenever you're done with Exodus, simply close the wallet. Every time you open the wallet after exiting, it will prompt you for your password.

You can close Exodus like a regular application by pressing the X on the top-right corner for Windows and Linux OS, or the top-left corner for Mac OS.


If you want to restart, quit, or refresh Exodus Mobile, here's how you do it:



View currently open apps

  • On iPhone 8 and below: Double click the home button.
  • On iPhone X and above: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause for a moment somewhere in the middle of the screen.

This will show you all of the apps currently running in the background and their preview windows.

Swipe left or right to scroll through the apps until you find Exodus.
Swipe up on the Exodus window to close.

And that's it! Tap on the Exodus Mobile app icon to reopen it.

More information:


Different Android flavors usually have different methods of closing background apps. We've compiled a list of Help Center articles from different manufacturers to help you find a way to close apps on your phone:

If you can't find a way to close an app on your phone, try searching support documentation for your device or let us know at [email protected]