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XRP FAQs - Learn more about XRP
XRP FAQs - Learn more about XRP

Information about XRP inside of Exodus. Learn more about XRP reserve amounts, minimum balances, resetting your account and more!

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Everything you need to know about XRP (XRP) inside of Exodus.

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What is XRP?

XRP is the primary asset for the open-sourced XRP Ledger (XRPL) created in 2012 by David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto. XRP and the XRP Ledger provide low transaction fees and fast settlement times to improve the speed and efficiency of international payments.

To ensure the efficiency of the network, the XRP Ledger requires accounts to maintain a minimum balance to participate in the network.

What is XRP's minimum balance?

XRP enforces a minimum balance requirement. This introduces a financial cost that limits widespread spam and malicious attacks, ensuring the network remains manageable and efficient.

You must create an account before submitting transactions or conducting operations on the XRP ledger. Creating an account requires sending enough XRP to meet the minimum balance requirement.

The minimum balance for a new account on the XRP global ledger, with no other data, is 10 XRP. This is referred to as the base reserve.

What are the base reserve and owner reserve?

The base reserve is the minimum amount of XRP needed for an address on the XRP ledger. The size of the base reserve can be changed in a vote by XRP validators.

In addition to the default 10 XRP minimum — the base reserve for each address — there is also an owner reserve, which is 2 XRP for each object an address owns. Objects that can increase an address's owner reserve include trust lines and offers.

So if your XRP wallet has two objects, a trust line, and an offer, you have a total reserve of 14 XRP. This reserve is your minimum balance, which is not spendable.

You can read more about XRP reserve requirements in XRP Ledger's official documentation: Reserves.

How does Exodus handle XRP minimum balances?

As the XRP Ledger enforces a minimum balance of 10 XRP, Exodus also requires maintaining a balance of 10 XRP at your Exodus XRP address.

When using XRP in your Exodus wallet:

  • Your XRP address requires a 10 XRP minimum balance before you can participate in the network.

  • If it is your first time using XRP, you must send 10 XRP or more to your XRP address.

  • To withdraw part of your XRP minimum balance, you must reset your XRP account.

  • Your XRP wallet will display a Low Balance warning if your balance falls below 50 XRP.

  • Your XRP wallet will display the error disabledMasterKey if you need to re-enable your master key.


In Exodus Mobile, you will see a warning when you attempt to receive XRP if you have yet to activate your XRP account.

After your send at least 10 XRP to your Exodus XRP address, this warning will disappear.


In Exodus Desktop, you will a) see a warning explaining the minimum balance requirement and that it cannot be sent or swapped. Additionally, if your XRP address in Exodus contains less than 50 XRP, you'll b) see a low balance warning in the top right-hand corner:

You can still send XRP when the low balance warning shows, but be wary of dropping below the minimum. Once your balance exceeds 50 XRP, the warning will disappear.

How can I reset my XRP account?

Resetting your XRP account means you can recover some of your locked XRP base reserve. Out of your locked 10 XRP, in Desktop and Mobile, you are able to pay 2 XRP to get back 8 XRP.

When you reset your XRP account, you'll need to send all of your XRP out of your wallet, because it will no longer function without the minimum 10 XRP balance.

As this is a newer feature of the XRP Ledger, many exchanges do not yet recognize "delete account" transactions on the blockchain. It is best to ensure the receiving wallet is a self-custody wallet where you are in full control over your funds.

Please make sure the destination platform supports XRP delete account transactions, otherwise your XRP might be lost.

In the event you have sent an XRP in a delete transaction to a centralized wallet, you will need to write to the support desk of the exchange or platform where you sent this XRP.

If you have deleted your Exodus XRP account and wish to reactivate it, you'll need to send the reserve requirement of 10 XRP to your XRP receive address.

It's safest to use the reset feature to move XRP to a self-custody wallet. At this time, no centralized exchanges automatically accept delete account transactions. If you send this XRP to a centralized exchange (e.g. Binance or Nexo), you might lose it.

How do I reset my account on Mobile?

To reset your account on Mobile, you will need to make sure you have 10 XRP left in your XRP wallet. If you have more than 10 XRP, please send this out of your wallet first.

  1. Open your XRP wallet on Exodus Mobile with a) 10 XRP, then b) tap on the Send icon.

  2. You'll notice that Exodus automatically a) adds 8 XRP, so you can b) tap Enter.

  3. Now paste in the XRP address you want to send your XRP to and tap Send.

  4. Confirm all the details are correct, then slide the arrow on Slide to Transfer.

How do I reset my account on Desktop?

  1. Open your XRP wallet on Exodus Desktop and a) click the More menu near the top right corner, then b) click on Reset Account.

  2. a) Enter the XRP address and b) destination tag you want to send your 8 XRP to, then c) click OK.

Why can't I send out my XRP?

If you have used your XRP private key in another platform and you disabled your master key, you'll come across an error in Exodus saying disabledMasterKey. This error means you will not be able to send out your XRP using Exodus.

To fix this, you will need to go to the platform where you initially disabled your master key and re-enable it. After re-enabling your master key, you will be able to send out your XRP again.

To learn more about this feature, check out this article from XRP Ledger's official documentation: Disable Master Key Pair.

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