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How do I restore from an email backup?
How do I restore from an email backup?

If you had an Exodus wallet before February 2019, you might have received an email backup link. You can restore your wallet from this link.

Updated over a week ago

The email backup link option was only available if you went through the backup process before Exodus version 19.2.1, which was released in February 2019. If you went through the backup process after that, then you would not have received an email backup link.

This guide will help you restore your wallet from the email recovery/backup link and password combination. In order to be able to restore your wallet using this guide, you must have the email recovery/backup link and wallet password.

If you do not have an email recovery/backup link or have lost your password or the password is not working, you can restore your wallet using your 12-word secret recovery phrase.

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How do I restore my wallet using the e-mail backup link?

  1. Download the latest version of Exodus from on the computer you want to restore your Exodus wallet on.

  2. Install Exodus by following the installation guide: How do I install Exodus?

  3. Once Exodus is installed, open it and make sure it shows a $0.00 balance. This is to ensure there are no funds in the wallet.

  4. Close Exodus.

  5. Open your email and click on your Exodus backup link.

  6. Exodus will prompt you for your password. Enter the password the wallet had at the time you created the backup link. You can click on the 'eye' icon on the left to reveal the password to ensure it is being entered correctly

  7. Wait for 15 - 30 seconds, and your wallet will be restored.

What should I do if clicking the link in my backup email doesn't automatically open Exodus for me?

  1. Copy the e-mail recovery link received in your e-mail.

  2. Open Exodus.

  3. Open up the developer menu by following this guide: How do I open the developer Menu?

  4. Once the developer menu is open:

    On Windows and Linux:

    a) click Developer, b) click Restore, then c) click Restore from recovery link.

    On macOS:

    a) Click Exodus, b) click Developer, c) click Restore, then d) click Restore from recovery link.

  5. A box will appear asking you to paste the e-mail recovery link. Paste the email recovery link you copied in the first step and click OK.

  6. You will now see a pop-up that says Exodus will restart. Click OK.

  7. Exodus will now re-open and display the password screen. Enter your password. You can click on the 'eye' icon to reveal what you are entering to be sure you are entering the correct password.

  8. Once you enter the password and it is accepted, allow Exodus 5-10 minutes to restore your wallet. Your wallet is now restored!

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