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Is Exodus open source?
Is Exodus open source?

Is the Exodus wallet open source? Learn about why some parts of the Exodus wallet are open source and why some parts are not open source.

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Although Exodus is built on many open-source components, there are components of Exodus that are not open-source.

Exodus publishes some open-source work used in Exodus on GitHub. You can view the source code, history, and continually published updates by visiting: Exodus Movement.

You can find Exodus's developer documentation that shows you how to support Exodus Web3 Wallet in your web3 app here: Exodus Docs.

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Why isn't Exodus open-source?

Open-sourcing all aspects of a product (including the design and user interface elements) makes it very easy for others to copy.

This makes it easier for hackers to make fake, malicious, phishing versions of Exodus. Hackers post these fake versions in an attempt to steal your private information and crypto.

So while some elements of Exodus are open-source, some are not, to make it more difficult for hackers to steal your funds.

How does Exodus contribute to open-source projects?

In addition to publishing our own open-source code and libraries, Exodus also sponsors individuals to work in open-source development. Exodus believes paying open-source developers to continue contributing useful core components is a grassroots effort to spread the benefits of open source and help the global digital asset community.

JP Richardson, a co-founder of Exodus, is fanatical about open source and has contributed over 200 open-source NPM packages to the community.

You can see examples of the open-source work by JP Richardson by visiting or

You can see the discussion around Exodus sponsoring Luke Childs' open-source work on Browserify at by visiting:

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