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How do I export my xpub or zpub?
How do I export my xpub or zpub?

With the extended public key (xpub or zpub), you can view all your addresses and transaction history for UTXO-based assets such as Bitcoin.

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For UTXO-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), you can use the xpub or zpub to view all your addresses and their transaction history to verify that your balances and transactions are correct.

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What are the xpub and zpub?

Xpubs and zpubs are both extended public keys. Extended public keys allow you to see blockchain information for every public address generated by a private key.

UTXO-based assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Litecoin (LTC) can have multiple change addresses. Therefore, it's not possible to view the entire transaction history without knowing all the addresses.

In Exodus, for UTXO-based assets, you will have an xpub or zpub that allows you to view all the addresses and the entire transaction history for that asset.

Exodus Support might ask you to export your xpub or zpub for a particular asset to troubleshoot and verify that your Exodus wallet balance and history are displaying correctly.

Otherwise, be cautious about sharing your xpub and zpub. Although they don't provide access to your wallet or your funds, anyone with this information can view all your addresses, transaction history, and total balance.

What is the difference between an xpub and a zpub?

Most UTXO-based assets generate an xpub.

However, because Bitcoin has multiple address formats, it also has various extended public key formats:

  • An xpub is the extended public key that corresponds to Legacy addresses (starts with 1)

  • A zpub is the extended public key that corresponds to Segwit addresses (starts with bc1q)

If you want to learn more about Legacy and Segwit, please visit: What are the different types of Bitcoin addresses?

How do I export an xpub or zpub?

You can only export your xpub or zpub on Exodus Desktop.

If you have Exodus Mobile or Web3 Wallet, you can sync your wallet to Exodus Desktop to export your xpub or zpub. For instructions, please visit: How do I sync Exodus to a different device?

For this example, we will export the BTC xpub, but the steps are the same for other assets.

  1. In the asset's wallet, a) click on the menu icon, then b) click Export XPub.

  2. This will create a folder called exodus-exports on your computer's desktop. Double-click the folder to open it.

  3. Inside the folder, you will find the .txt file containing your xpub (and zpub for Bitcoin). If Exodus Support requests your xpub, you can attach the .txt file to your reply. or copy the key and paste it into your reply.

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