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Moving shares to Securitize from my stockbroker
Moving shares to Securitize from my stockbroker

Learn how to move shares from a brokerage account to Securitize. Send shares to Securitize from a brokerage.

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Everything you need to know to send shares back to Securitize from your brokerage account.

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How do I send shares to Securitize from my brokerage account?

It takes around 5 business days to send shares from a brokerage account to Securitize.

If you don't already have a Securitize ID, you will first need to register with Securitize and complete the verification for your Securitize account.

If you are unsure if you already have a Securitize account, contact [email protected].

Tell your stockbroker to "DRS" (directly register) your Exodus shares back to the transfer agent, Pacific Stock Transfer. Calling your stockbroker or opening a live chat with your stockbroker's support team are two common ways of requesting this service.

Direct registration allows you to have shares registered in your name, instead of your stockbroker's name.

Behind the scenes, Pacific Stock Transfer/Securitize will receive a notification containing your name and share count.

At that point, if you have a Securitize ID account, the process is complete, and it will take 5 business days for the shares to show in Securitize.

Once your Exodus shares show in Securitize, if you want to send EXIT tokens to your Exodus wallet, see the guide: How do I send my EXIT tokens from Securitize to Exodus?

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