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Sending shares to a stockbroker (USA example)
Sending shares to a stockbroker (USA example)

Learn about sending shares to a brokerage account (USA example). How to send your Exodus shares to a brokerage account.

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Everything you need to know about sending your Exodus shares to a brokerage account and back!

In this article:

This article is intended for customers with an EXIT token balance inside their Exodus Wallet.

If your Exodus shares are held directly on the Securitize platform (in "Traditional Book Entry" form), skip to step 4.

Or, if you already have a Fidelity account, skip to step 8.

Fidelity is a third-party platform. As such, Exodus cannot guarantee the performance of its products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

How do I send Exodus shares to my brokerage account from my Exodus wallet?

Here's how to send your Exit tokens to a brokerage account:

It takes around 5 business days to send shares from your Exodus wallet to your brokerage account.

  1. a) Open your Exodus wallet, and b) navigate to your Exodus Shares wallet, and c) click Send.

  2. You will need to send your EXIT tokens to Securitize's book entry wallet address. You can use the address below to send it to Securitize's book entry address.


  3. Transfer your Exit tokens by a) pasting the deposit address from step 2 to send it to Securitize's book entry address. b) Enter the amount you want to send, and when you are ready, c) click Send.

  4. You will need a brokerage account. If you have one, log into it. Otherwise, create a new account with your preferred brokerage account provider, such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, and E-trade.

    To create an account with Fidelity, visit, and click Open an Account

  5. Next, click Open now under Brokerage Account.

  6. a) Click No, and then b) click Next.

  7. Fill in your personal information.

  8. Once you are logged in, a) click in the Accounts & Trades tab, and then b) click Transfer.

  9. Click Deposit, withdraw, or transfer money.

  10. Click the dropdown menu, and select Transfer an account to Fidelity.

  11. a) Click Investment or retirement account, then b) click Start a transfer.

  12. In the search bar, a) enter Pacific Stock Transfer, and then b) click next.

  13. a) Enter your Securitize account number as it appears on your statement, b) select your account type, most often this will be Brokerage Individual, c) select No, and then d) click Next.

    Select Book entry (most common ownership) as shown below:

  14. a) Select An existing account, then from the dropdown menu, b) select your account, and c) click Next.

  15. In the search bar, a) type EXOD and select EXOD EXODUS MOVEMENT, b) select if you want to send all your shares, c) select No fractions owned, from the dropdown menu, and d) click Next.

  16. a) Click the Attach file button to select a recent statement to help verify your transaction, then b) click Next.

  17. Carefully review your transfer information, and if everything looks correct, click Next.

  18. Finally, a) Click the Tap or click to sign button, and b) click Submit

And that's it! Your Exodus shares will arrive in 3-5 business days.

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