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How do I find my Securitize account statement?
How do I find my Securitize account statement?

Everything you need to know to help you find your Securitize account number to transfer your Exodus (EXOD) shares.

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Your Securitize account number will help you transfer your Exodus shares (EXOD) to your brokerage account.

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How do I find my Securitize account number?

Your account number is on the statement, which can be seen in Securitize under the Documents section of your Portfolio.

Securitize is a third-party platform. As such, Exodus cannot guarantee the performance of its products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

Here's how you can find your account statement in Securitize:

  1. Log into your Securitize account, and in the Portfolio tab, click EXIT

  2. a) Click Documents, and then b) click the download icon on the right.

  3. You will see your account statement, which contains your account number.

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