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How do I move my funds from MyAlgo to Exodus?You can withdraw your crypto from MyAlgo wallet by sending your ALGO to Exodus. MyAlgo wallet to Exodus step-by-step.
BlockFi crypto update | BlockFi withdrawalBlockFi bankruptcy update: BlockFi crypto is available from BlockFi. Transfer crypto from BlockFi to Exodus in a few simple steps.
Does Exodus have transaction fees to send or receive?Nearly all blockchain transactions cost network transaction fees to send. In Exodus, 100% of these fees go to the network.
Voyager crypto update | Voyager bankruptcy newsVoyager Digital bankruptcy: Voyager crypto will soon be available from Voyager. Transfer crypto from Voyager to Exodus in a few simple steps
How do I add a custom token?Add custom tokens in Exodus in just a few steps. If a token on a supported network isn't listed in Exodus, you can add it as a custom token.
What makes Exodus a self-custody wallet?Exodus is a self-custodial wallet. You have full control of your 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys. Self-custody with Exodus!
How do I send crypto from Crypto.com to Exodus?Transfer crypto from Crypto.com to Exodus step-by-step. Withdraw crypto from Crypto.com and receive it with your self-custody Exodus wallet.
How do I send crypto from Exodus to Kraken?Learn how to transfer crypto from Exodus to Kraken. Withdraw crypto from Exodus and receive it in Kraken with our step-by-step guide.
How do I earn rewards with the Exodus referral program?Recommend Exodus to your friends to earn rewards! Earn USD Coin (USDC) by recommending Exodus Mobile to friends.
How do I send crypto from Kucoin to Exodus?Send Bitcoin and other crypto from Kucoin to Exodus in a few steps. Learn how to transfer Bitcoin and other crypto from Kucoin to Exodus.
How do I buy gift cards with Bitrefill in Exodus Mobile?Buy gift cards with crypto using Bitrefill in Exodus Mobile. Purchase Bitrefill gift cards and pay for them with your Exodus Mobile wallet.
Data requestsData requests: Everything you need to know about how to contact Exodus if you would like to make a data request to obtain or delete data.
How do I customize Exodus Desktop?Customize Exodus Desktop: See your portfolio values in your local fiat currency, personalize the background, favorite your assets, and more!
How do I disable anonymous activity sharing?You can change your Exodus privacy settings to disable anonymous activity sharing any time. Learn how to disable anonymous activity sharing.
How do I send crypto from Atomic Wallet to Exodus?How to transfer crypto from Atomic to Exodus. Send crypto from Atomic and receive it in your Exodus wallet with this easy step-by-step guide
How do I move my funds from Paxful to Exodus?Learn how to transfer crypto from Paxful to Exodus. Withdraw crypto from Paxful and receive it in your Exodus wallet using our handy guide.
How do I customize Exodus Web3 Wallet?Customize Exodus Web3 Wallet: Customize your profile, change your language, change the fiat currency, and add some assets to your favorites!
How do I move my funds from Bittrex to Exodus?Send crypto from Bittrex to Exodus step-by-step. You can easily withdraw your crypto from Bittrex and send your supported assets to Exodus.
How do I customize Exodus Mobile?Customize Exodus Mobile: Personalize your wallet, get notified about wallet activity, change your language and fiat currency, and more!
What happens if I lose access to my wallet?Learn about the different methods to restore an Exodus wallet. You can always restore your wallet with its 12-word secret recovery phrase.
Which assets does Exodus support?Have you ever wondered which networks, assets, and tokens Exodus supports? Is my asset supported in Trezor? Will Exodus support my assets?
How do I update Exodus?Update Exodus to the newest version to get access to the latest features! You can enable auto-updates or update your wallet manually.
How do I import a private key?Import a crypto private key in Exodus. Learn how to import a wallet private key to Desktop or import a Bitcoin private key to Exodus Mobile.
How do I send crypto from Coinbase to Exodus?Withdraw from Coinbase and receive in Exodus. Here's everything you need to know about sending crypto from Coinbase to your Exodus wallet.
How do I send crypto from Binance to Exodus?Transfer crypto from Binance to Exodus step-by-step. Withdraw and send crypto from Binance and receive it with your Exodus wallet.
How do I contact Exodus Support?Exodus customer service 24/7 hour. Need help with your Exodus wallet? Crypto questions? Contact Exodus Support for fast, friendly service.
How do I manage multiple portfolios in the same wallet?Manage your crypto with multiple wallet portfolios. Learn to create a new wallet portfolio and manage multiple portfolio wallets in Exodus.
How do I create multiple wallets on the same computer?How to create multiple wallets on the same computer. Create new users on your computer to have as many wallets on one computer as you need!
How do I see all of my wallet's addresses?Need help navigating your crypto addresses? Some assets use multiple addresses. Learn how to view all of your wallet's addresses in Exodus.
How do I export my transaction history?Learn how to export your transaction history in Exodus. You can export your wallet's transaction history as a CSV file for tax purposes.
How do I enable and disable assets in Exodus?Some assets supported by Exodus are not enabled by default. Learn how to enable to show or disable to hide supported assets in your wallet.
Is Exodus open source?Is the Exodus wallet open source? Learn about why some parts of the Exodus wallet are open source and why some parts are not open source.
What information does Exodus have access to?As a self-custodial wallet, your data is not collected. Exodus can only access the information you voluntarily provide to Customer Support.
Crypto taxesCrypto taxes depend on the tax laws of the country where you reside. For tax purposes, export your Exodus transaction history as a CSV file.
How do I audit my deposits and withdrawals?Looking for a guide on how to audit your Exodus deposits and withdrawals? Learn how to export and view your transactions for your records.
How do I pay a BIP70 or BitPay invoice from Exodus?Learn how to pay BIP70 or BitPay invoices. You can pay for BIP70 and BitPay invoices in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Ethereum (ETH).
USDC leaving the TRON networkLearn more about the discontinuation of USDC on the TRON network and how you can swap your USDC to USDC on another network.