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Getting started

Beginning your crypto journey with Exodus

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How can I tell which network my token uses?Which network your token uses. Pay token transaction fees in the primary asset of the network it runs on. Find a token's network in Exodus.
Getting started with ExodusGet started with the self-custody Exodus crypto wallet. Send, receive, swap, exchange, buy, sell crypto, and more with Exodus.
How do I sync my Exodus wallet to a different device?Learn how to sync your Exodus wallet to a different device in a few steps. Pair Exodus on computer, Exodus on Windows, and Exodus on mobile!
Everything you need to know about your 12-word secret recovery phraseHow does your 12-word secret recovery phrase work? How to back up your crypto wallet with your 12-word phrase, also known as a seed phrase.
How do I send Bitcoin and crypto from Exodus?How to send crypto from Exodus. How to send Bitcoin or send cryptocurrency to another crypto wallet or exchange.
How do I install Exodus?How to install Exodus Mobile, Desktop, and Web3 Wallet on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome-based browsers.
Can I receive mining payouts?You can receive mining payouts with your Exodus if Exodus supports the asset. Information about receiving mining payout in Exodus.
How do I find a transaction ID?Every crypto transaction has a unique ID you can use to look up the transaction details. Learn how to locate a transaction ID in Exodus.
What operating systems is Exodus supported on?Can I get Exodus on my device? Check if you can install Exodus. Operating system requirements for Exodus Mobile, Desktop, and Web3 Wallet.
How do I log out of Exodus?Logging out of your Exodus wallet? Here's everything you need to know about how to close and lock the Exodus app when you aren't using it.
What is the total value of my Exodus wallet?Everything you need to know about viewing the total value of your Exodus wallet in either fiat or Bitcoin (BTC).
Everything you need to know about personal notesInformation about personal notes in Exodus. Adding notes can help you to label your transactions to keep track of recipients and payments.
Getting started with Exodus Web3 WalletConnect to dApps and web3 apps with the Exodus browser extension wallet. Exodus Web3 Wallet connects you to dApps, DeFi, and all web3.
Exodus crypto dictionaryDefinitions for crypto word and terms. Find it in the Exodus crypto dictionary. From technical terms to crypto words to degen slang.
How do I receive Bitcoin and crypto in Exodus?Learn how to find your Exodus address to receive crypto in a few steps. Receive Bitcoin and crypto in your Exodus crypto wallet.