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Network or connection issues troubleshooting guide
Network or connection issues troubleshooting guide

How to troubleshoot if your Exodus wallet can't connect to the internet. How to troubleshoot network or connection issues on your device.

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Have trouble refreshing your wallet? Does Exodus say it cannot connect to the internet? Cannot send your funds out? This guide will help troubleshoot network or connection issues on your devices.

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How do network issues affect Exodus?

Your Exodus wallet relies on a stable internet connection to get information about your crypto holdings from the blockchain networks. This data is used to update balances and transaction history within your wallet.

If you're having trouble with your internet connection, your funds are still safe. However, if Exodus cannot retrieve up-to-date information from the blockchain, you may experience that your wallet shows incorrect balances or missing transactions, and you will not be able to send funds.

Network or connection issues can happen for different reasons. Below are some of the most common solutions you can try if you have network or connection issues with your Exodus wallet.

How do I troubleshoot my network?

Make sure you have written down the 12-word secret recovery phrase on a piece of paper so you always have access to your wallet. If you lose access to the wallet and don't have a backup of the secret recovery phrase, it will be impossible to recover your wallet.

If you are experiencing network or connection issues with your Exodus, try the steps below to troubleshoot your network connection:

  1. The first step in resolving connection issues with your wallet should be to ensure you use the latest Exodus version. You can find a guide on how to update Exodus here: How do I update Exodus?

  2. Next, try to restart your desktop or mobile device and reopen Exodus to check if the connection issue was resolved.

  3. Refresh your Exodus wallet. For more information on how to refresh Exodus, visit the article: How do I refresh my wallet?

  4. If your refresh fails, check your internet connection.

    • Try restarting your internet router and modem. Restarting your internet router and modem can sometimes fix common connection issues.

    • Try using a different internet connection. If possible, try a different WiFi network or a cellular/mobile connection. Alternatively, if you are using a desktop and want to try a different network, you can create an internet hotspot with your phone to which your desktop can connect.

  5. If Exodus is the only application you experience connection or network issues with, check if your antivirus software, firewalls, VPN, or system security are blocking connections to and from Exodus.

If your Exodus wallet is still experiencing connectivity issues, contact Exodus Support for further assistance by emailing: [email protected]

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