How do I restore from my 12-word secret recovery phrase?

You can use your 12-word secret recovery phrase to restore access to your crypto in any Exodus wallet. Below are instructions on restoring your wallet using your 12-word phrase.

If you're starting out on a new device, you can download Exodus here.

Only restore wallets from secret recovery phrases and private keys that you trust 100%. You can learn more here: Don't import TRON 12-word phrases or private keys!

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How do I restore from my 12-word secret recovery phrase?

Web3 Wallet

First, you can download Web3 Wallet here

If you have an existing 12-word secret recovery phrase you can restore it during the installation process.

Exodus Web3 Wallet supports 12-word phrases generated by Exodus, Phantom, and MetaMask. However, Exodus will only restore an address from Phantom or MetaMask if it has previous transaction history. If not, a new address will be created for that asset.

If you import an existing wallet into Exodus Web3 Wallet, you will only see assets on supported networks. If you have assets on other networks, you can continue to access them in Exodus Desktop or Mobile.

This process will overwrite your current Web3 Wallet. If you have a Web3 Wallet with funds in it please send these funds to a different wallet before restoring.

If you have forgotten the passcode for your Web3 Wallet, then to restore your wallet please use the guide: How do I access my wallet if I forget my password?

Open Exodus Web3 Wallet and a) click the Profile icon, then b) click Settings.

Click a) Advanced, then b) click  Restore Wallet.

Click Continue.


Enter each word individually from your 12-word phrase that you wrote down on a piece of paper during the backup process.  After every 4 words, continue to the following screen by clicking Next.


When all 12 words have been entered, click Restore.

When entering the 12-word phrase, make sure you're entering the words:

  • In sequence from 1 to 12
  • In all lower case letters
  • Spelled correctly

Your 12-word secret recovery phrase controls access to your funds, so It is important to keep the 12-word phrase secret. Anyone with your 12-word phrase can steal your crypto, so please don’t share it with anyone, including Exodus Support!


a) Create a new password for your wallet. After entering the password, b) click Next.

For more information on how to create a strong password see our guide: The importance of a good password

To confirm the new password you set for the wallet, a) enter the password again then b) click Restore Wallet.

Finally, click Restore. You are done! After a few moments, Exodus will display your balances.

When you restore a 12-word phrase in Exodus Web3 Wallet only assets on supported networks will appear. Please see here for more information about what networks are supported in the Web3 Wallet.


You can download Exodus Deskop here

Here is a video guide that will take you through the steps to restore your wallet on your desktop device. There are step-by-step instructions below.

Note that additional methods of restoring from your 12-word phrase are available from the developer menu or lock screen.

Download the latest version of Exodus.
Launch Exodus.
Click the Restore from Backup button on the Home welcome screen.

Exodus will then ask to restart. Click Restart.

Type your 12-word phrase in order with no capital letters. Click the arrow to the right when you are finished.

After a few seconds, Exodus will open with a popup "All done!". Click OK and wait a few minutes while Exodus rescans the blockchains and displays your balances.

Make sure to set a password to protect your newly restored wallet.


You can download Exodus Mobile here

Here is a video guide that will take you through the steps to restore your wallet on a mobile device. There are step-by-step instructions below.

Restoring a previous wallet into your mobile wallet is simple and only takes a few steps.

  • If you are trying to link your desktop wallet to your mobile wallet, then you can find this even easier tutorial here
  • If you have a 12-word phrase and want to restore it inside of Exodus Mobile, please keep reading

This process will overwrite your current mobile wallet. If you have a mobile wallet with funds in, send all its funds to Exodus Desktop (or to a different wallet) before syncing the wallets.

If you have forgotten the passcode for your wallet, to restore your wallet use this guide: How do I access my wallet if I forget my password?

a) Tap the Profile icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Then tap b) Settings.

Scroll down and tap Restore Wallet

This process will overwrite your current mobile wallet. If you have a mobile wallet with funds in, send all its funds to Exodus Desktop or another wallet before syncing. Tap Continue.

You will be presented with a screen when you will enter the first 4 of 12 words of your secret phrase. Enter your first 4 words and tap Next. Continue until all 12-words have been entered and tap Restore.
After tapping Restore, Exodus will ask you if you are sure. Tap Continue & Restart. Exodus will restart and begin to sync your assets.

The restore process may take a few seconds or several minutes depending on your wallet history. If you have a diverse portfolio with a long transaction history, it may take longer. Once the restore is complete, Exodus will let you know!

I restored with my 12-word phrase, but why is my wallet empty?

If you restored a previously used wallet with a 12-word secret recovery phrase, but the wallet is empty (with no transaction history), then it is possible that the wallet you restored is not the wallet you were trying to restore.

The 12-word phrase generates all the private keys in your wallet, so the smallest change in the 12-word phrase would change the private keys. Your private keys allow you to access your funds.

If the 12-word phrase you entered was different from the original 12-word phrase, or entered incorrectly, then it would create a brand new wallet, and not restore the original wallet.

Not every 12-word phrase can restore a wallet. The words in the 12-word phrase need to be on the BIP39 wordlist and some combinations will not work.

If you restore a wallet and see the wallet is empty and different from the original wallet, please double-check your 12-word phrase. You can have a look at the checklist below and follow the guidelines in order to make sure that your 12-word phrase is entered correctly.

  • If you have multiple 12-word phrases there is a chance that you restored the wallet with a different 12-word phrase. Check if you have more than one 12-word phrase and try all of the 12-word phrases you might have.
  • Enter the words in the correct order from 1 to 12.
  • All the words should be written in lowercase.
  • There should be no special characters - only enter characters from the English alphabet.
  • Make sure the words are spelled correctly.
  • Make sure the keyboard on your device is in English.

To help ensure that the 12-word phrase is correct, you can compare every word to the BIP39 master wordlist. With the BIP39 word list, you can check that each word is valid, and spelled correctly:

Some words from the BIP39 word list can easily be confused for another word from the list, especially if a typo was made when it was written down. If you have any doubts that one or more of the words in your 12-word phrase has been written down incorrectly, then please see the link below. It will take you to a list of commonly misspelled words from the BIP39 list.

What if Exodus Mobile crashes before I write down my 12-word secret recovery phrase?

Do not delete or uninstall Exodus before going though these troubleshooting steps, otherwise your 12-word phrase and funds will be irrecoverable. 

You can use this guide if your wallet crashed and you don't have your 12-word secret recovery phrase written down. 

For assistance, please reach out to Exodus Support by sending an email to: [email protected].

If you have written down your 12-word phrase, you can follow this guide instead: How do I restore from my 12-word secret recovery phrase?

If your wallet crashes and you don't have your 12-word phrase, tap and hold Contact Suppport.

Your backup history will appear with a list of all your current and previous 12-word phrases. Find the wallet with the first word of the 12-word phrase you want to recover and tap on it.

To restore your wallet, tap Restore.


Open Exodus to confirm your wallet has been restored.