Where can I buy Bitcoin and other crypto?

Everything you need to know about where to purchase Bitcoin and other crypto!

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How do I buy crypto in Exodus?

You can buy crypto directly in Exodus! You can download Exodus here.

The following third-party fiat API providers are available depending on your region and local crypto regulations. 


You can buy crypto in Exodus using Ramp!

Ramp makes it simple to buy crypto with cash in over 140 countries and 35 US states. You can use Ramp to buy BTC, ETH, SOL, and 24 other cryptocurrencies.

With Ramp, you can complete your purchase using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay (except for the US), or by linking your bank account (only available in select countries).

To get started with Ramp, see our article: How do I buy crypto using Ramp in Exodus?


You can also buy crypto in Exodus using MoonPay!

MoonPay is available in over 160 countries and 47 US states. MoonPay has 61 cryptocurrencies available for purchase globally and 29 cryptocurrencies available for purchase in the US.

With MoonPay, you can complete your purchase using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or by linking your bank account (only available in select countries).

To get started with MoonPay, see our article: How do I buy crypto using MoonPay in Exodus?

What are the pros and cons of buying crypto inside Exodus?

Exodus offers you the option of buying crypto through Ramp and MoonPay. To better understand and decide on how to acquire and control your wealth, it's important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms you choose.

Here are the pros and cons of purchasing crypto in Exodus using Ramp or MoonPay.

What are the pros?

Buying crypto in Exodus has many benefits. Here are some of the pros:

  • Convenient to use. You can buy crypto in a few easy steps. 
  • Quick access. You can access your crypto in minutes rather than wait the 5-7 day holding period required in most centralized exchanges.
  • Large crypto selection. Ramp and MoonPay offer all the most popular assets and more.
  • Available in many locations. Between Ramp and MoonPay, you can buy crypto on 6 continents in over 150 countries and territories.
  • Control and trust. You have full control over the crypto you buy as soon as it hits your wallet. As a self-custody wallet, Exodus gives you full control over these funds through your 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys. Because your funds aren't held on a third-party centralized exchange, there is no risk of losing your funds through a hack, bankruptcy, or government regulation.
  • Complete transparency. Centralized exchanges can move their customer's funds around and control which assets are listed on their platforms. This can lead to potential conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency. With Exodus, you always know where your crypto is. Your wallet is a window into the decentralized and distributed ledger of your asset, i.e., the blockchain.

What are the cons?

Now let's go over the cons:

  • You have to manage your 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys. With great power comes great responsibility. You are responsible for keeping your private keys and 12-word phrase safe.
  • Possibly higher fees. For the convenience of being able to interact with your funds in minutes, and to avoid the 5-7 day holding period in most centralized exchanges, both Ramp and MoonPay's fees might be higher. You also have to pay the network transaction fee to send the crypto to your self-custody wallet. 
  • KYC process. At a minimum, you need to provide basic identifying information. For larger and more frequent purchases, further verification steps that include additional documentation may be required.

For more information about centralized exchanges and the differences between them and Exodus, please see our article: What are centralized exchanges?

Where else can I buy or sell crypto for fiat?


Coinbase is a centralized exchange where you can go through KYC to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies:

Coinbase can be accessed in over 32 countries. You can find the full list of countries Coinbase supports here: www.coinbase.com/global.

Other exchanges

If Coinbase is unavailable for you, you may want to try one of the following centralized exchanges:

All exchanges listed in this article are third-party exchanges. Exodus has no affiliation with any of them, and we highly recommend that you do your own research before signing up for any exchange or service.

Are there alternatives to centralized exchanges?

Peer-to-peer marketplaces

If a centralized exchange is not something you're interested in using, there are other services that can connect buyers to sellers in a peer-to-peer (P2P) system:

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are another option for purchasing some Bitcoin. With over 36,000 ATMs around the world, you can expect each ATM to work slightly differently, but you can usually visit an ATM in-person to purchase Bitcoin with your debit card, credit card, or cash.

Although Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency, many Bitcoin ATMs will allow you to purchase other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Bitcoin ATMs generally send any purchased crypto to the crypto wallet's receiving address you provide.

Depending on the Bitcoin ATM provider, these machines generally allow you to scan your wallet's receiving address via QR code to ensure the funds are sent to the correct receiving address.

On the other hand, some machines dispense what's called a printed paper wallet. In this case, you'd use your wallet to "sweep" the funds from the paper wallet.

For more information on finding a specific Exodus wallet receiving address, please see this Knowledge Base article: How do I receive crypto?

For more information on importing or sweeping funds from a paper wallet, please see this article: How do I import/sweep a private key?

To check if there is a Bitcoin ATM in your area, please visit Coin ATM Radar.

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