Everything you need to know about trading Exodus shares

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Disclosures of Exodus Movement, Inc.Disclosures of Exodus Movement, Inc. Find information and read the disclosures of Exodus Movement, Inc.
Why did I receive my EXOD tokens twice?In August 2021, our transfer agent mistakenly sent out a set of duplicate transactions of EXOD tokens. They have now been reverted.
How do I deposit and withdraw EXOD tokens from Securitize?To deposit and withdraw EXOD tokens from Securitize, you need to register your Exodus wallet with Securitize.
Exodus shares (EXOD) trading FAQsEverything you need to know about trading Exodus shares (EXOD).
How do I find my Securitize account statement?Everything you need to know to help you find your Securitize account number to transfer your Exodus (EXOD) shares.
Converting B shares to A sharesIf you hold Exodus Class B common stock you'll need to convert them to Class A shares to participate in trading.
Sending shares to a stockbroker (USA example)Learn about sending shares to a brokerage account (USA example). How to send your Exodus shares to a brokerage account.
Exercising Exodus optionsIf you were awarded stock options as compensation for working for Exodus, you'll need to exercise them to participate in market trading.
Opening an account with a stockbroker (Non-USA example)Opening an account with a stockbroker (Non-USA example). How to create and fund an Interactive Brokers account.
Moving shares to Securitize from my stockbrokerLearn how to move shares from a brokerage account to Securitize. Send shares to Securitize from a brokerage.