How to keep your crypto safe

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How do I view my private keys?Learn how to view your Exodus wallet's private keys. You can view your private keys with Exodus Desktop and Exodus Web3 Wallet.
What is a dust attack and how do I manage it?Information on dust attacks - how to know if you've been affected, and the steps you can take to limit any impact in your Exodus wallet.
I received an email from Exodus, asking me to provide my 12-word secret recovery phrase/passwordIf you receive an email from any Exodus email address asking you to provide your 12-word secret phrase, this is a phishing attempt.
How do I keep my money safe? How to store cryptocurrency safelyAt Exodus, we are passionate about giving you full control over your crypto. Learn how to store cryptocurrency safely with Exodus.
How do I use the auto-lock feature?When auto-lock is enabled, your Exodus wallet will automatically lock after a set time, and you will need your password to unlock.
How do I reset my password?Reset and change your password in Exodus. If you want to reset your password, you will need to unlock Exodus with your current password.
How do I set a strong password?Maximize your Exodus wallet security! Information about creating strong and secure passwords with tips on password management.
How can I verify that my Exodus download is authentic?Information about Exodus wallet's official download sources, and how to make sure you've installed an authentic version of the Exodus app.
Does Exodus support 2FA?Traditional 2FA isn't available in Exodus. What you need to know about why the self-custody nature of Exodus prevents us from offering 2FA.
List of security practicesRecommended practices to improve the security of your Exodus wallet and device. Best security practices to keep your crypto and wallet safe.
Which domains does Exodus use?Exodus uses various domains, such as the domain for the website or the download page. Learn which website and email domains Exodus uses.
What crypto scams should I watch out for?How to spot different types of scams, ways to prevent malicious actors and hackers from accessing your wallet, and common signs of scams.
I noticed an unauthorized transaction in my Exodus wallet. What should I do next?Notice an unauthorized transaction in Exodus? What to do if your wallet is compromised, and how to keep any remaining funds safe.
How do I export an email as an .eml file?Learn how to export an email from Gmail or Proton Mail as a .eml or .txt file. This helps assist Exodus to investigate phishing emails.