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About Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a layer one (L1) blockchain that solves scalability by splitting the primary network into three parts: P-Chain, C-Chain and X-Chain. Each chain serves a different function for the network such as Ethereum compatibility (C-Chain) or token creation (X-Chain). Avalanche also utilizes subnets which operate like a layer two (L2) scalability solution, similar to a sidechain on Ethereum or a parachain on Polkadot to help the network scale even further.

The AVAX coin is used to send value and pay transaction fees on the Avalanche network. AVAX can also be staked to help secure the network. Avalanche has a built-in mechanism which burns the AVAX coin. Avalanche burns all of the coins used for transaction fees and coins used to create new blockchains and assets on the network. If Avalanche burns more AVAX coins than it issues, the asset will become deflationary.

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How to Buy AVAX

You can buy AVAX with credit card, debit card, or your bank account within Exodus mobile. Easily buy AVAX coin with USD, EUR, and GBP in just a few steps. After purchase, your AVAX coins will be delivered directly to your Avalanche wallet, where you can secure, manage, and exchange your AVAX.

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