XO Swap

Drive Revenue &
Improve Customer Retention

Thousands of assets
and deep liquidity

With XO Swap inside your product, your customers will be able to swap between thousands of assets—and across networks.

  • Billions in annual swap volume
  • 50+ networks supported
  • 1000s of assets
  • Millions of trading pairs
  • Swift swap completion times

Fast & frictionless atomic swaps

XO Swap enables your customers to atomically swap 100k+ assets across 50+ networks at rapid speeds. Customers can deploy their holdings without the need for KYC. No registration, no personal info, no account.

Your customers' assets are ready to be swapped across networks immediately.

The Exodus legacy

With high ratings and 120,000+ reviews in the app stores, Exodus is a multichain, self-custody wallet that millions of people around the world use and trust. We consistently prioritize control, privacy, and security. And our customers don’t need to create an account.

Having a swap feature inside Exodus has allowed us to offer a smooth and seamless experience to customers.

Exodus is fully compliant with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, OFAC, and AML to ensure every transaction aligns with regulatory requirements.

How it works

  • liquidity

    Aggregated liquidity

    Exodus aggregates liquidity from multiple upstream providers.

  • speed

    Price and speed

    Providers win swap volume when they offer the lowest price and fastest completion times.

  • networks

    Cross-chain swaps

    More native networks can be added for more seamless swaps in both directions.

What Exodus can add to your product

With XO Swap in your product, it’s a win-win for growth and profitability. Your customers get a seamless swap experience right in your product, and we share the revenue from swap fees with you.

Exodus helps monitor transactions and has a dedicated account team to support your organization.

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