Exodus Wallet<br /> as a Service

Exodus Wallet
as a Service

You know your dapp. Exodus knows wallets. Reduce onboarding friction and create a unified user experience at every step of your user’s journey with a custom-built web3 wallet.

Exodus Wallet as a Service is your branded and custom-built web3 wallet for your unique needs

  • Onboard more users
  • Streamline your dapp’s user journey
  • Open new revenue streams
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Unlock a larger market
  • Connect to over 60 networks

A web3 wallet custom-built
for your dapp

Get a custom-built, white-label solution that empowers your product with a seamless user experience.

With 8+ years of development across platforms and networks, we handle your wallet infrastructure while you innovate your protocol.

Features & Benefits

  • platforms

    Grow on multiple platforms

    Meet your users where they are

    • Mobile app
    • Desktop app
    • Browser Extension
  • networks

    Support multiple blockchains

    • Connect to 60+ networks, removing the necessity for multiple wallets across chains
    • Access dapps on supported networks
  • wallets

    Create a wallet or import an existing seed phrase

    • Reduce drop-off rates for new visitors with a branded wallet onboarding solution
    • Make it easy for users to onboard by importing their seed phrases from other wallets
  • chains

    Cross-chain and single-chain swaps

    • Enable users to swap thousands of assets across hundreds of thousands of trading pairs
    • Earn swap fees
  • notifications

    Push notifications

    • Enhance customer engagement and improve retention with custom push notifications
  • ramps

    Fiat on and off-ramp

    • Enable users to on-ramp to crypto and your product using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfers
    • Earn buy and sell fees

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